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2019 Douro Diesel Gala   Leave a comment

This was one off the bucket list, a CP 1400 to Pocinho. Due to an engineering block for electrification between Caide and Marco on the Douro line, CP have very nicely sorted the currently isolated section between Marco de Canaveses and Pocinho to be worked by three 1400s and six Schindler coaches outbased at Regua, largely due to reliability issues with the usual ex-RENFE carts.  A reduced timetable sees two of these sets required each day for service with just two trains operating between Regua and Pocinho at the end of the line. Unfortuntely traditional orange liveried 1415 went sick as we arrived and was stopped with wheelset issues leaving the blue pair of 1413 and 1455 to thrash us around


1415 at Rede on the 0717 Pocinho – Marco de Canveses


1455 working the 0805 Marco de Canaveses – Regua arrives at Rede with 1413 getting ready to be waved out by the pointsman (no signals in this part of the world)


1413, Pocinho during the layover before working the 1522 back to Marco. With the blossom just coming through, blue skies and fresh air stock with a Super Bock in hand  through the varied parts of the river valley i have certainly had worse afternoons!


1413, Regua, 1906 Marco de Canaveses to Pochino. The way the moves worked most of the photos were of this which stuck to the Pocinho trains, this required the two minute dwell here on this service to be somewhat extended as both locos and coaches required fuelling!


At least the picture of 1455 is half decent as it storms into Caldes de Moledo on the 0805 Marco – Regua


And so it couldn’t possibly feel left out, 1413 again doing the same on the 1006 Marco – Pocinho. For February the sun was already beating down and it was 20 degrees in the day, shorts weather for some!


Pocinho, 1413, 1522 to Marco


1413 at Aregos on the 1522 Pocinho – Marco where we leapt for an evening behind 1455 instead


… 1455 arrives at Aregos on the 1705 Marco – Regua in the soft evening light. It would then work the 1853 off Regua for the last train back from Marco at 2113.

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Bratislava Spin Day Jan 2019


2016 015 pushes out of Devinska Nove Vez with the 0716 Vienna – Bratislava


The train back was of far higher quality as 240136 roared in on the 0722 Kuty – Bratislava. Whilst the first coach is in true ZSSK Dbtmee suburban stock condition, the middle two are those that are now being refurbished with plastic seats, plug sockets and the like.


The fleet of two Skoda 381’s still give ZSSK reliability issues, 381002 departs ECS for the yard after working the 1022 Kuty – Bratislava


383105 brings the 0607 Kosice – Bratislava in


With Gorilla power in 350014 on the 0711 Kosice – Wien IC right behind it. This train now reverses and continues via Petzralka and Kitsee to Wien Hbf with a ZSSK Vectron rather than continuing as a regular Bratislava – Wien REX service as per previous years.


A very short blast of afternoon sun at Devinska where a recently outshopped 240001 was awaiting the road south. Long term resident bank engine 751203 had been replaced with 751185 which is unfortunately just as silenced.


‘45148’ trundles light through Bratislava and is one of the many pretend Bulgarian registered and numbered locos that are ex-CD 242s. This one is the former 242218 leased to LTE by ZOS Zvolen. Info on the four actual Bulgarian locos that operate in CZ/SK can be found over here in the Bulgarian section of the site


I think this was my first Bratislava visit with all the hauled push-pull sets doing what they were supposed to with 263s and 381s. However evidently some rancid trunk had blown up during the day as 240089 appeared for the 1809 Bratislava – Nove Zamky vice the booked cart.


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France January Weekend

Somewhere a bit different. They were very well-behaved for SNCF too with just a couple of moments where they went into France mode!


This was a bonus caused by them being French! Eurostar had pulled their usual “its some weather we are scared” trick and cancelled my booked 0755 off Pancras so I was on the 1131 instead which is a minus onto the 1404 Paris-Bologne. However it was just being bored as i got to the blocks so ‘multiservices’ livery 22387 was duly jumped on for a run out to St Just.

Even by my standards a poor (phone) photo but a very welcome reward for covering it. 67515 on a rake of RIO suburban stock at Paris Est for the 1805 La Ferte Milton. This is a regular-ish vice as they often seem to be short of new carts which were booked to replace the previous two loco diagrams in January 2018.

Another bonus survivor is 17053 hanging on out of St Lazare working vice 27300, seen arriving at Argentuil on the 1152 Mantes le Jolie – St Lazare. We only had this as we happened to storm past it on a 15000 in the 90 seconds or so as the lines join up near Mantes and gambled on it ‘probably’ working this by diagram later on. Not often guesswork pays off here!

In proper colours, 15010 pauses at Liseaux on the 1443 Paris – Caen. This loco must have done some miles in its 45-year career being new to traffic in June 1973 nearly all of which will have been spent on high speed, high mileage passenger work.

The most acceptable side of SNCF. A one-for-one move on broken noses as 22342 on the 0834 St Quentin and 22327 on the 0804 Amiens await departure from Paris Nord with a first stop of Creil.

Now the last booked daytime 67400 work is the four loco plan between Amiens and Bolougne. 67606 pauses at Abbeyville on the 1331 (Sundays) off Paris Nord which it had re-engined from 22330.

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New Years Czech/German

After a gorilla powered transit from a few days in Slovakia seen previously….

380017 currently carries an advertising livery “Kometa Express” in connection with the Brno Ice Hockey team who (wikipedia tells me) are the most successful Czech Ice Hockey outfit. Its seen on arrival at Praha with the 0540 Budapest – Praha which, note, will have passed through Brno on its way. Well to a point, all EC services are again diverted away from Brno Hlavni via Brno Dolni for the 2019 timetable period due to (yes!) engineering work around Brno.

This was awfully nice of CD and the local cranks. 754048 is an elusive Trutnov “reserve” goggle however it had been reported asworking with an 854 on a Kolin to Rumberk train. It worked as far as Ceska Lipa before detaching from that, fetching a demic 854016 and then putting itself on the front of 854005 (rear) on the 1114 Rumberk-Kolin which i was able – thanks to some superb spreadsheet updating! – to intercept at Nymburk and have ‘048 to Kolin. It was then ready to provide a shove to the 1442 Kolin – Trutnov to get itself and its sickly 854 friend back to depot.

The New Years Eve specials between Vimperk and Strakonice are usually hauled by a 749 however this year it was announced that KDS had been hired to provide motive power which meant quality thrash was not in the offering. As I was in the area anyway there didn’t seem a great deal to be gained elsewhere by flagging it so it was an early start for 750202 on the 0620 Strakonice – Vimperk (service train) which had the GTW single car cart tagged on the back of the formation for the charters.

Kobova Hut is just 13km from Vimplerk however its a constant climb and the conditions were totally different. 730624 was on the other end and seen here before leading the descent on the 0842 Kubova Hut to Vimperk. It was cold.

Slightly different angle of the 730 with the Silverstr shenanigans going on behind it. This was a new class for me and 730624 was originally delivered to CSD as a infrastructure loco at Plzen, hence the /6 numbering with just a small class of 19 going into CSD capital stock itself albeit with a fleet of 62 similar Class 731s following.

750202 at Vimperk prior to working the 0940 to Kubova Hut.

754064 at Domazlice after working the 1418 commuter from Plzen. Forward into Germany on ALX for New Years Eve itself

After 101123 started 2019 with a winner from Regensburg to Nuremburg for a shiny 147/5 across to Stuttgart, double stamps 218443 & 218432 were welcome on the 0726 Dortmund – Innsbruck (30L) which is booked “rabbit” from Stuttgart to Lindau

A welcome case of right time, right place was 218836 leading 218436 back from Goppingen on the 0854 Innsbruck-Dortmund. An unusual outing for the Stuttgart standby 218/8 presumably after 218451 had gone sick the previous day as it was then swapped out and ‘836 straight back to the thunderbird siding.

Due to yet another case of Flirt deathtraps being unavailable, Eurobahn were using a vice set between Dusseldorf and Hamm, with 145088 seen at Duisburg on the 0745 ex Dusselsdorf. Despite appearing to be a bog standard German registered early traxx this loco has a wandering history having been originally delivered to some Swiss private outfit as 486656 (usual Swiss nonsense numbering then) who duly went bankrupt and the loco was purchased by SBB becoming their 48100. In yet another case of silliness however it was then modified for SBB’s use in Germany which barred it from Switzerland!! After arrival of a later batch of Traxx which could manage to work in both countries, the batch of six 481s were sold to MRCE and entered the Dispolok pool, taking their German LZB 145xxx numbers in the process. Again displaced by newer multi-system locos MRCE sold them again with 145088 passing to SRI, a small leasing company who lend it to all sorts of privateers.

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Slovakia late December


In the midst of a massive rainstorm, “Cargo” 383202 arrives at Zilina on the 0807 Kosice – Bratislava alongside 163111 which was being prepped for a local departure. This Vectron is one of three 383/2 that had been returned from ZSSK lease to ZSSK Cargo but is yet to be re-vinyled and had stuck back onto passenger duties so was duly scooped.


A little later and 751191 formed up a short breakdown train in Zilina Yard. I didn’t see what had been thrown off the road requiring the assistance of this monster.


Double-Skoda 131062/131061 head north through Kysucke Nove Mesto with a train of empty box hoppers


162007 is one of right remaining at ZSSK with most others now being coverted to dual voltage 361s. Its fairly fresh out of overhaul at Prerov and now has a sticker number on the side rather than the old, or even replacement plastic, plate. Seen at Zilina prior to working the 1554 Ruzomberok


Main reason for being in Slovakia was for the Vrutky Museum’s Christmas outing on 29 December. Ex-CD 749246 is seen at Kralovany after shunting to the branch platform on an 0812 Vrutky – Trstena charter. A nice new one for me this.


749246 midway up the branch at Oravsky Podzamok, carrying a plate of its original form as 752011. This loco and sister 749248 are old Jesenik locos now preserved by spolok výhrevne vrútky but sadly only get out a couple of times a year.


749248 on the rear at Oravsky Podzamok.


749246 at Trstena ready to work the return which included a lunch break at Oravsky Podzamok to visit the local brewpub which was convenient.


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December Diesels

218835 and 218341 at Husum powering a late running 0644 Dresden – Westerland which they will have worked from Itzehoe. A number of 218/8 have migrated to this route away from their more regular thunderbird duties as a combination of 218/3s going through Bremen Works and decreased 245 work on car trains has increased the amount of required “bunnies” in the area. Unfortunately for me of the 8×218 diagrams, only four locos were used to cover them and only ‘835 was new to my book.

Privately owned 234278 was put to use on a Christmas market addition from Kiel to Magdeburg and seen here during an extended stop at Hamburg Harburg. The tour had been advertised as Quedlinburg then cut short to Wernigerode due to pathing issues causing a diversion via Stendal but with a major riot between Hamburg and Hannover was terminated at Magdeburg instead nearly 3hrs late. The loco was new to DR as 132278 in 1975 and was upgraded to a 140km/h “234” in 1992 for Intercity work in unified Germany as the class was released into the west.

Private operator ErfurterBahn Service operates a reasonably large fleet of Ludmilla’s and a number of passenger trains on a charter basis. These include both their own tours and providing locos for DB Regio heritage operations. 232334 appears to be the favoured loco and is seen here at Erfurt after arriving from Schwarzenburg on the Saturday night and again on Sunday prior to departure for Quedlinburg.

Apologies if this one is a bit grainy, its off my phone as we’d dumped the bags and been for dinner…

and it was just very grey the next morning apart from the jazzy coaches

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Israel November 2018

First new country I’ve done for a while! A first trip to Israel, not somewhere you would perhaps associate with one of the most intensive diesel bashes I’ve done yet. There is a basic north-south network from Haifa through Tel Aviv to Be’er Sheva with a core section running through four Tel Aviv station. This sees up to 12tph loco-hauled in the peaks so is very much non-stop action. The passenger fleet consists of 86 locos which are all GM710 powered in three classes of which around 65 are in use each day with all but six passing through Tel Aviv spin city! As with the countries general profile the network is rapidly expanding with two new lines having opened in 2018 and a further extension imminent.

Israeli ’67’ clone 776 arrives at Tel Aviv University from the north. These are essentially the same as the UK ones except don’t appear to have ETH equipment as the stock contains a generator in the driving trailer.

One of the 1300s, (Eurolight 3200, IR 1301-1324) 1315 pushes away from Tel Aviv University with a service towards Ra’anana West which is a service group which runs from Be’er Sheva via Askelon on a secondary route. Sadly no 68-style thrash on these just the ying of a 710 power unit.

Off-peak, an hourly service runs between Tel Aviv and Be’er Sheva. 774 pushes a rake of dostos out of Tel Aviv Savidor into the carriage sidings after arriving with the 1053 ex Be’er Sheva Central. The route though Tel Aviv is pinned between the two sections of the Avalon Highway as is the Avalon River seen here to the right.

1401 is a representative of the other Eurolight class, 1401-1415 (Eurolight 4000, Co-Co, 2011-2016) which were originally planned for freight duties but have been pressed into passenger use as the ever-expanding network requires further locos. A short rake is being pushed north to Ra’anana West which is a line shortly to be extended through to rejoin the mainline at Hertzliya.

Even the carts are familiar! A fleet of new to Israel and some ex-SJ “rubber ring” rancidity operate a near-hourly service between Hertzliya and Bet Smemesh, which is on the old route to Jerusalem. Some peak hour lash up were 5×3-car, in past years they have operated more services but reliability issues and strengthening requirements have seen there use retract. 751 (not the usual accompaniment to those numbers on this site!) is racing it north out of Tel Aviv Central to University where the line divides.

North of Haifa, the mainline to Nahriya has through services all day to Tel Aviv whilst the branches to Karmiel and Bet Shean are operated by six self-contained sets which are the only locos you can’t spin at Tel Aviv. Karmiel then has peak trains through to Be’er Sheva in the south whilst the (newish) Bet Shean branch is worked by short rakes of single-decker Alsthom stock with the peak additionals being carts.  I think 1320 at Haifa Central has come in from Karmiel and will terminate at Haifa Hofcarmel. We spent longer than planned getting back to Tel Aviv due to some riot occurring, thankfully it wasn’t one of the regular security issues and just some railway farce but about the only time we spent slightly worried about what was going on!

Skips 733 and 769 at Tel Aviv Savidor Center under a part of the very shiny and tall Tel Aviv skyline. It was much more Americanised than i expected – this is the usual reaction according to most of the locals we talked too. It’s not a cheap country (similar to Switzerland rather than Scandinavia) but I’d recommend it for a bash thats a bit different. We did Tel Aviv beach, Haifa and Jerusalem between the peaks in our three days and could have done with another to do more of the track, or I’d have been more than happy with another day on Tel Aviv beach!

The new order… Traxx 187 clone 3004 at the new Jerusalem Navon station deep under the new town. This is a “high speed” link slowly, very slowly, being built and then electrified to Tel Aviv with eventual grand plans to wire the network. However its taken them 10 years to get the relatively short section of new line from here to Tel Aviv Airport open. Even then thats the extent of the wires, when the locos/stock require attention they have to be dragged back to Lod depot by the thunderbird diesel! Jerusalem by the way was fascinating, so I’m glad this line had opened as we would have been unlikely to have bothered via the old line as thats solid ‘rubber ring’ territory due to the state of the track. The new line technically also passes through the occupied West Bank but for nearly all of said mileage has been hidden underground.


Ticketing was as easy as anywhere I’ve done. A ‘Ravkat’ is the local smartcard and there are area, mixed area (ie Tel Aviv and Haifa, no leaving stations in between the two areas) and national day rovers which are also integrated for buses and trams. The amount of big guns being carted around by youngsters going to/from national service does take a bit of getting used to. Whilst every station does have a security checkpoint on entry this is pretty laid back (well as long as you are the right color – I won’t say any more of the politics!) and once you are through the gateline are free to spin as you please. We did attempt to blend in and not hover too long at stations away from Savidor Central – largely due to wedged platforms making it difficult anyway – but no questions asked about what we were up to. Can’t think of much else to add so just a thanks to Dan for the trip organizing and Sutty and Denzil (amongst others) for gen and help. Any questions there should be a comment box and I’ll do my best.

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