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Table 190 doom bashing, 7 Nov

The north end of Table 190 – Plzen to Ceske Bud – has remained as a stronghold of Skoda 242s and classic coaches but sadly progress has reached this quiet corner of the world and the 2019 timetable sees the majority of services turned over to 2-car “Regiopanther” carts which will work all the Os/Sp stopping services south of Plzen. I went around a month before for one last play and get some photos, despite uninspiring weather.

No doubt just boring electrics to many, to me at least the locos have a wonderful character with the notching up of the tap changer, roaring fans and whining motors. A single class operation of hauled trains formed of traditional stock generally driven hard and tightly timed through single line sections is something I’d long missed the boat on at home and generally in Europe too, but great fun. No generic traxx or vectrons, boring push-pull operation or regular farces like much more popular places, just a real railway getting on with it. Add a huge choice of moves to do on over a dozen daily diagrams with big and small livery varieties adding to the character and it was a joy, despite that  never another sole to be seen bashing them.

Whilst it’ll still be possible to accumulate mileage on the two-hourly R trains that will remain, the loss of so many workings to the 21st century will totally change the character of what remained as a classic stretch of railway.

242259 departing Nepomuk on the 0808 Plzen – Horazdovice Predmesti

Stahlavy is the regular leaping place on Plzen out and back moves with services crossing at the next stop. Perhaps my last leap there will be off 242269 on the 1043 Horazdovice Predmesti – Plzen…

242241 at Stahlavy on the 1202 Plzen – Brno, which retains its proper numberplates. ‘241 would only work to Horazdovice as the service was then autobussed out as far as Strakonice, which meant there were less locos than usual over this section as this would bounce straight back from Horazdovice.

242213 still in old red and cream livery departs Stahlavy with the 1208 Nepomuk – Plzen

No this isn’t a 242, but it illustrates the classic feel of the strecth of railway. 240026 at Stahlavy taking the local trip south with a mixed consist of. In a world where trainload freight and international workings are taking over the retention of such a small working is superb – just look at the four wheeler behind the classic Laminátka of again Skoda 1960s origin.

Fresh out of works – and in contrast to one of just a few remaining green coaches behind it – 242245 at Blovice on the 1308 Plzen – Horazdovice Predmesti. Presumably some engines are still being overhauled (and loose all metal plates in the process for sticker numbers) to enable the R trains and some Klatovy line services to remain in their hands for some time but the loss of work must mean some will be withdrawn as they run out of miles or suffer severe defects.

242269 arrives at Blovice on the 1408 Nepomuk – Plzen. This had stepped up from its earlier diagram by shunt releasing itself around the triangle at Plzen as opposed to being re-engined and stepping back. Some nice detailing on ‘269 with the paintbrush being applied to the multiple working sockets and coupling surround.

242241 on the 1458 Strakonice and 259 on the 1508 Nepomuk at Plzen. Both these locos were built around the corner and have likely always been allocated to Plzen with countless workings down this line but both these trains are on borrowed time with 11 new units parked up to take over just a month later.

A playground for those of us who just enjoy traveling on proper trains lost.

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October Weekend

751062 was making its self known shunting some wagons around Bratislava Predmesti prior to the days local trip workings.

751127 was having a lie in and remained dossed at the newly rebuilt Predmesti all morning

A depressing day for goldfish workings around Bratislava. Just seven worked off 13 diagrams and no vice on other turns either. Even Trnava-Kuty turns were being worked by 362s vice 240. ‘115 is seen during the Pezinok photostop on the 0934 Galanta – Bratislava Nove Mesto, some classic Slovak suburban wrecks behind although there are now a few that are refurbed with plastic seats but I expect externally they’ll be like this soon enough!

Some super Skoda power at Bratislava Predmesti, 350012 after bringing some ECS round from the main station and 240115 helpfully parked alongside. There are far more trains here coming in via Predmesti now with roughly hourly Senec units and Galanta via Trnava hauled trains which are mainly booked for 361s.

AWT 740681 & 740682 trundle through Svaty Jur with a southbound set of loaded cartics

242260 with its current pretend number of 242559 rolls into Bratislava with a rake of steel wagons heading for Kuty off the Nove Zamky line

The Slovak new order is ten Vectrons for the length R trains between Bratislava and Kosice. Here 383107 propels the empties off R602. As some of the last long, full service IC conventional services in Europe now its sad to see the loss of endemic power. Gorillas – for now – remain in charge of the shorter, cumpolsory res, IC services at least.

240073 was the only goldfish of the three booked to work REX trains in from Nove Zamky in the peak. It is seen here bringing the empties out the yard and into Bratislava before running round to form the 1431 Nove Zamky.

240054 at Malacky after working the 1650 from Pezinok

Next door again for a last blast of grumpy thrash for this years season… Just easing off the stock, 749121, 0846 Praha – Breznice

Only another one because its parked in a different place and not underneath that tree!!

242216 at Strakonice after working from Ceske Bud on the 0730 Brno – Plzen which I had picked up at Protivin off the 854 from Breznice.

An enjoyable afternoon heading cross-country to Brno with 242208, 242281 & 750710 doing the honors in time for to pick up 754016 on the return table 251 weekend bike train. The front coach was a refurb I’ve not seen before with very plastic seats in the Bdmtee “hopper window” stock

The routes from Brno to Olomouc and Prerov remain a very real vibe with most trains hauled by traditional locos and compo stock, here at Nezamyslice 362046 on the 0918 Brno – Sumperk/Jesenice (L) is awaiting for a unit to come down from Prostejov whilst 362163 passes from the Prerov direction working the 0828 Bohumin – Brno

In an excellent bit of work by the Olomouc loco arranger, 163029 was my forward loco on the 1024 Nezamyslice – Olomouc (via Prerov). This is one of just three PKP-fitted 163s retained by CD passenger for limited EC work north of Bohumin with the rest of the large fleet formerly used by PKP Regio now being passed to CD Cargo so

744502 was a big attraction on the annual Autumn running day between Kojetin and Tovacov. The loco is of CKD 1970 heritage as a prototype and it (and scrapped 774501) would lead to the many hundreds of 740s and 742s. The 744 made quite a racket compared to its heavily silenced production brethren, shame they don’t all sound like this one!

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Rakovnik Day Out, Fri 28/09/18

Well, this was unexpected!!

Bank Holiday weekend in Czecho, so set for a day out to Jicin as the additional trains were all running and (IMO) thats the best turn out of the bunch overall.

Errrrrr….. Well I was going to Jicin! 749039 on the 0825 Praha – Rakovnik somewhat changed my plan. The AZD Praha privately owned loco is now usually seen on test trains (and not many of them) but turned up. I was only on the first coffee after flying in late the night before and had to stare for a while before I believed it! 749259 us in the Jicin again formed of btx open trailers, somewhere in the bin you can see the days plan.

Due to double engineering work on the more usual routes for the train, we were routed east out of Praha Hlavni then up the Decin mainline to Kralupy nad Vltavou and then across to Kladno where ‘039 is seen here before running around. The Beroun-Rakovnik booked route is long term closed and additional engineering work between Hostivice and Kladno also kiboshed the secondary option that has been used for much of this year by KZC.

Upon arrival at Rakovnik 742192 was trundling around with some shiny tank wagons.

749039 running round on arrival at Rakovnik, further photos were somewhat thwarted by the 742’s wagons being screwed down next to the stock.

Five and a half hours in Rakovnik was somewhat long, so a convenient excuse to drop back to Luzna and stroll round the CD Museum which I’d never done. This prototype Co-Co electric 180001 was almost certainly a winner for sight as a result! Its mate 180002 also survives and is in Chomutov, according to wikipedia.

There was a fine amount of diesel and electric traction on display including the entire side opposite the roundhouse. Here 781600, 735286, 751148 & 770001 catch some sun. Nearly everything is serviceable as far as I know, possibly not the 770 though – I didn’t even know they had it! The narrow gauge track in the foreground is available for rides with some ex-mining locos, I passed as it was literally a hornby starter set circle of track!

Illustrating the difference between ‘maly’ and ‘velky’ Hektors, 720139 and 721190. 720058 was also in attendance, being worked on outside the small maintenance shed.

753101 and blue ‘parrot’ kettle 477043 in light steam wait for departure time onto mainline metals with emcars for a adex off Decin the following day. One of the other kettles was also brewing up for a local trundle on the Saturday.

A new toy is 751148 which is seen gleaming in its new coat of paint being fresh off overhaul just a few weeks before. I believe its a former CD Cargo loco which had laid dormant – not sure if the museum need another (to go with 001, 002, 004, 008, 010, 250 currently under some form of national preservation!) but I’ll certainly have no complaints. One to make a further appearance on this site in 2019 hopefully. It has a steam pipe but don’t know if thats for show or the boiler is also operable.

After a beer 750708 turned up to goggle me back on the 1343 Kladno – Rakovnik, which should have been the 1305 from Masarykovo by rights bar the massive amount of vyluky taking place.

749039 atop the 1603 Rakovnik – Praha at Stochov where we had a short wait to pass a unit going the other way. It had been seven years since I’d had (only a short) blast on this machine so nice to get such an unexpected run with it as it’s certainly been shy of passenger trains for most of the time since.

After running round again at Kladno ‘039 ready to head over to Kralupy and then back into Prague. The weather was closing in and some entertaining thunderstorms developed later on! 750708 alongside is ready for its next shuttle to Rakovnik.

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Last August Trip


No, no, don’t be too surprised but we started this with a bit of linesiding at Praha Liben! 122016 whines downgrade into the yard with a set of empty hoppers.


Inward “Yellow Train” with 193206 on its final leg of the 404km run of the 1030 Wien – Praha


130016 brings some steel coils into Liben shortly after. That was enough for me leaving my more photo-focused friend here whilst I did a couple of moves.


121084 at Ceska Trebova stopped to await the redcaps instructions before continuing towards Pardubice


ELL sub-leased 193220 on the 0748 Praha-Kosice. Within a week or so use of these black Vectrons had ceased (for now anyway!) with enough Regiojet Traxx 386’s in use to do away with the requirement for these.


Despite the cold weather on Saturday morning, a national kettle ban was in place off the back of a long hot summer. 720509 gets away from Krupa with the 0957 Luzna – Kolesovice tourist train down the otherwise closed line. This had worked for much of the summer, strangely a Posazavsky Pacifik loco rather than the more obvious – you’d think – CD Museum loco off Luzna being used to cover the steam.


Sigh. 749250 had been quoted for a kettle turn Luzna to Chomutov. This is distinctly goggle shaped 753101 upon arrival, as the field I’d leapt off the 720 at was the very opposite of a position of strength. Time for a re-hash…


I was a lot more pleased to see this goggle! 754051 was kicked out vice 854 on the 1512 Praha – Ceske Bud taken to Pribram where it is seen goggling away from. There are no prizes for working out what comes next, by the way.


749121, Pribram, 1723 Breznice – Praha. Enough said. Bonus diversion via Rudna with the handle wide open away from Beroun, day redeemed from the mornings bowl out!


Aah, back to normal weather Sunday. Day out to Jicin with 749259 seen here after arrival on the 0809 ex Praha Vrsovice. Due to engineering work it had left Praha as a combined train (749006 leading) to Kralupy and then across to Neratovice to resume normal route.


OBB still can’t be bothered with the idea of matching locos and stock together. “Cargo” 1216 228 shoves a Railjet out of Brno heading for Praha


754067 trundles through Brno with a Cl.560 unit trailer in tow for reasons, this was the loco for the 1128 Brno – Stare Mesto u H rather than new 754019 which had been shown as working the earlier part of the diagram then got lost in the Malmorice whirlpool.


380008 at Hodonin on the 0520 Katowice – Wien which takes a rake of Polish stock for a wander.

Rest of trip: Class 242 photos page, 151/350 “Gorilla” action & of course the 2018 Class 210 Canoe gala

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2018 Canoex 210 Gala

Hellfire! 210s at Vyssi Brod, 24 Aug 18

With another Czech trip booked, we were keeping a keen eye on the timetable on table 195 to see if there was any sign of a special timetable for watersports events taking place along the line. A few weeks before, a number of additionals surfaced around the booked services which are now formed of the previous two-hourly branch set with a 210 and additional DMU workings between Ceske Bud and Lucovice which have been added to the timetable using carts released from lines in the area lost to private operators. We covered Friday 24 August which wasn’t the full day of the event but was still more than enough entertainment.

Class 210 workings for this years event were:

  • 210045 on the regular branch turns between Rybnik, Vyssi Brod and Lipno
  • 210023/210055 top and tail on the 1219 Bud-Vyssi Brod then Lipno shuttles
  • 210039/210059 top and tail on the 1709 Bud-Vyssi Brod then second shuttle set for weekend
  • 210057 2020 Bud-Horni Dvoriste to then be the branch set for Saturday

After an early start from Prague with a 362, 242 & 1116 step down move it was only the regular trains running when we arrived. After a lunch break, 210045 was taken to Lucovice on the 1304 Rybnik – Lipno seen here deaprting for the last leg up to the end of the line.

We’d spotted a viewpoint just south of Lucovice zastavka and wandered there for the passing of 210045 heading back on the 1414 Lipno – Rybnik

Shortly after it was the arrival of the first additional set as having worked down on the 1209 from Ceske Bud, 210023 bounced around the corner working the 1404 Vyssi Brod – Lipno, again seen at Lucovice zastavka

Now uniquely liveried and somewhat weatherbeaten, 210055 was on the rear. A welcome sight as I’d only previously had this machine on a shunt release move so a station to station move takes it off the dubious list!

After a quick visit to a local hostelry for a Kozel, 210055 whines out of Lucovice zastavka working the 1534 Lipno – Vyssi Brod. Absolutely mad train formation of a full brake and decker for the coming canoes!

A quick walk south allowed an extra photo of 210023 tailing the 1534 off Lipno as it was held outside of Lucovice awaiting the westbound service to enter the loop. This is a Brno loco sent on loan for the weekend as Plzen were presumably not able to cover the requirement themselves and obviously it was ‘023 given the honor as Brno’s pet 210. It’s not quite as immaculate as in previous years but certainly in a different league to the Plzen locos for external condition!

210045 then headed back again on 1526 Vyssi Brod – Lipno, seen at the junction for the now unused connection into Lucovice Paper Mill. This was really the 1504 off Rybnik but they had spilt the service now presumably to allow flexibility in the event of large numbers of canoes as this set only had a half brake so reduced capacity for boats. On the Saturday this set would only shuttle between Rybnik and Vyssi Brod with two additional sets carrying full brakes between Vyssi Brod and Lipno.

This still comes across as a hellfire sight to me! 210023 on the 1604 Rybnik – Lipno waits for 210045 1614 Lipno – Rybnik to enter the loop at Lucovice

210055 in flat evening light before departure on the 1734 Lipno to Vyssi Brod. Things were picking up now with beer and food stalls across the river which we availed ourselves of and wandered across the dam during the turnaround. The Vltava dam is used to control water flow for some of the more extreme runs.

210023 has just arrived on the 1734 off Lipno at Vyssi Brod as 210045 departed on a late running 1726 Vyssi Brod – Lipno giving this excellent view of two side-by-side. In the unlikely event he sees this, many thanks to the young driver of 210023 who helpfully turned his headlights on after seeing us dash for this phot!

210055 on the rear of the 1804 Vyssi Brod to Lipno at Certova Stena. The white water course largely ends here and the canoes on the platform couldn’t be fitted onto this service. By the time of the next train the platform was again full. No doubt this otherwise sleepy halt sees more traffic on these weekends than the rest of the year combined!

Sadly the day was over for us with 210045 1834 Lipno – Rybnik taking us back to the mainline. At Vyssi Brod we passed 210039 (210059 on rear) arriving on the 1709 Ceske Bud – Vyssi Brod which would go forward on the 1854 Vyssi Brod – Lipno. This was the second shuttle set for the weekend.

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Praha Gorillas, August ’18

Another short post as I’m finding time to get through the last trip. Here we have a small gallery of the excellent ‘Gorillas’ both ZSSK dual voltage and the Czech DC versions. A 150’2 would have been nice to complete the set but these now have a limited scope of work compared to the last few years. Half of these are even lineside (admittedly, only at Liben)! So then, more photos of top engines…


151007 at Liben on the 1224 Praha Zilina, our taxi move out to Liben


350018 roars away on the 1324 Praha Zilina. Right toss up what is a smarter livery between the modern ZSSK and CD colours, both suiting these locos and stock well.


Only a few kms to go for EC 116 the 0539 Warsaw Wschodnia – Praha which has been in the more than capable hands of 151016 from Bohumin. The modern CD livery really looks good in full rakes like this with the darker bodyside on the resturants (second vehicle) adding interest.


Damn cloud! 151023 retains original ‘DC’ livery with orange stripe and is heading for Ostrava on the 1342 ex Praha which is a semi-permanent substitution for a “rancid snake” cart.


151019 1424 Praha Warsaw. If only all long distance trains in Europe remained long trains of quality stock (with a full barcar of course) with decent endemic power on the front…


Carrying an earlier version of CD blue, 151004 arrives at Praha with the empties from Praha ONJ (CSD) for the 0824 Zilina. In very NSE fashion this livery style gave way to flat bands rather than sloped colours at the locos end.  Flatiron 111031 shows off its shiny colours in the current blue livery as station pilot too.


And to finish on the very first. There was a bit of a shambles occoruing at Praha which saw 350001 line up alongside 151001 which is nice. Heritage Slovak repaint ‘001 working the delayed 1751 Bratislava, had fetching 350016 to go inside from the HS then the sleeper from another platform and then a prolonged brake test meaning 151001 arrived alongside on the 1824 Navsi. 350001 dates from 1973, pretty good going for early high speed dual voltage technology – 43 of the 47 CSD gorillas built remain in traffic with the only lost examples being serious accident damage.

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Just some 242s, August 2018

Latest CD sortie will be split into a few posts, here is a selection of these Skoda beasts which were as always a high priority. With some different company on this trip there was more time for photos and I’m pleased to have pictured some of the class going about the same duties they have for many years.


242267 restarts from Nepomuk on the 1008 Plzen – Horazdovice local


I’ve leapt at Stahlavy off these many times, but always been straight back on the move after the trains cross at the next shack. With the sun out we see 242276 arriving on the 1208 Plzen – Nepomuk and the half brake behind the engine is basher friendly way round too – lovely!


As usual, all over red 242239 was out and about and brings the 1308 Plzen – Horazdovice into Stahlavy. Bar a few carts on short extras all trains along here are operated by 242s for now a real throwback to a classic loco hauled railway and – for me at least – an absolute joy.


After re-engining the 0602 Plzen – Brno at Bud, 242216 eases into Veseli nad Luzini after using the rebuilt racetrack which really seems them open the taps. We’d done a 362 down from Praha and leapt here for 242 power into Bud.


After being detached from the 1527 Brno – Plzen 242269 waits for orders to be stabled for the night, its coach has also come off R660 as a Fridays only strengthener as far as Bud. A classmate would have worked the service forward to Plzen whilst we (eventually) had a 362 back to Praha, which is deep in DC land so very un-242 friendly!


All of the above photos were of Plzen’s locos whereas Brno’s allocation now has a smaller sphere of work concentrated on the cross-city Tisnov/Brno/Vranovice axis. Looking great in a very clean coat of the original red and cream livery, 242217 is on the 1000 Tisnov – Vranovice


This train is booked for a “regiopanther” cart but they were obviously short again as the 1101 Brno – Letovice was left to the capable old hands of 242209.


242234 brings the next cross-city service into Brno, working the 1030 Tisnov – Breclav


Many 242s have now been sold to private operators as the passenger work is slowly but surely lost to the march of alleged progress, one such example is 242263 which is now in the hands of IDS and stabled at Hodonin with the mighty 749162. Due to the sale conditions from CD a paperwork fiddle is carried out upon refurbishment and the locos take the identity of very scrapped ex-Bulgarian cousins, this one claims to be “45193” only it really isn’t!

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