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Summer Saturday Rodent

Just a single phot – 25185 at Churston working the 1300 Paignton – Kingswear, let out for a couple of trips to allow the kettles to pair up. I’d forgotten quite how good these little locos are, especially on load 7 with a good bank to attack…



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Citadella and Balaton Diesels

This was only a quick weekend hashed together and hopes of more 664 drag action after last year were dashed as the juice was turned back on a week or so beforehand. However we still had the Citadella 664 and MAV’s 2015 Balaton diesel gala with M61 017 joined by a M62 this year.

Captions on the phots

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Polish Roarer Weekend

Just a quick Bank Holiday trip to Poland to cane in some ‘roarers’ and a couple of hired in electrics for PKP-IC who are having a DRS-style “fleet shortage” despite new Pendos in service. Didn’t spin Warsaw that much in favour (/as a result of) of an excellent evening in the brewpub…

There has certainly been a lot of activity with the paintbrush since my last visit and the stock in particular is in superb condition with many refreshed wagons around. KM’s Traxx may be the silliest livery for a loco I’ve ever had, oh and its got three different numbers to boot.

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87002: Sleepers 2015

With a new sleeper franchise starting in April 2015, the GBRf traction provision included ETL’s 87002 (and some cans) for ‘ECS’ duties at Euston with 92s booked to work the main trains. Thats interesting we thought, bound to be some oppurtunities for the drawback to Wembley and maybe the odd escape when 92s blow up. Well, that was the theory. It turned out enough 92s did even make the start line however 3 EWS 90s were hired in to cover.

Easter – ECML Diversion Drawbacks

Over Easter the WCML was blocked as you’d expect, so on Easter Friday a few of us duly booked on the down Inverness (1S25) with a fair bit of trepidation. In it to win it and all that – its fair to say there was a bit of tension as we walked down the platform at Euston after viewing an unwelcome 90021 as train loco.

But we were in for ‘002 up Camden Bank for the first time since 2006, and the short and sweet few miles up to Wembley Yard was fine by us! After a few hours in the bar car and a slow move back to London the next morning that was that, in the book and job done. ‘002 worked at least another evening and a couple of morning trips into Euston, but by no means all.

April – the 92s give up

It didn’t exactly take long… Tues 15 April and many hours late 87002 worked S25 forward from Willesden No 7 – the Wednesday was not my most productive day at work after managing to book pieces for the return 1M16 that night and some rather liberal use of the F2 button on tops! It had to be covered – as “who knew when the next chance would be”…?

Friday was the answer! Now on arriving Saturday morning at Euston, the gen started to filter through it was possibly going to be more than a four night wander. by now zero 92s were serviceable, although 92033 would re-appear the next week. ‘002 however, stayed out on a solid S25 Sun/Tue/Thu returning on M16 the next night. Into week 2, then week 3, then there was a big working on the horizon for week 4…

May Day – some new track

Another Bank Holiday, another set of WCML moleworks. Stafford area this time, so S25 on the Sunday night was being routed via Manchester and the newly electrified route of Castlefield, Eccles, Chat Moss and Golbourne Jn. Totally new track for the class, so we decided early in the week to book in the hope 002 stayed out. It did, and many hours were spent in the bar car heading north!

May – how long would this go on for?

With no solid gen on 90/92 availability but knowing it couldn’t surely last too much longer, we took another trip out on the night of the 8th, only cranks on the train this time… The driver did suggest that next week wasn’t looking likely and we overtook 92018 heading south in the morning. It turned out we made a good call to bother – Sunday night saw a skoda on 1S25 so game over – for now at least?!

87002 had worked S25/M16 solidly from the night of 15 April to the morning of 9 May, without missing a beat, not bad at all…

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Quick trip to the DDR, March 2015

“It’s a new class, lets go for it” … always a good reaction to a gen post! Only a Friday-Sunday trip, but everything fell into place nicely. The main event was a OSEF Charter from Dresden to Nordhausen with ex-DR ‘boat’ 118552, now operated by ITL (228585) around which we were after new MRCE 182s on Halle-Eisenachs, 182021 at Dresden and whatever trabbi’s we could mop up.

Friday saw RB20 provide not one, two or three but FOUR new 182s – 513, 526, 565 & 595 being caned in, 120127 then providing a nice bonus across to Dresden via Leipzig’s new Low Level. We arrived Dresden to see my last DB 182 parked up on the standby set, hmmm…

The tour managed to run as booked Saturday, a pleasant change for Germany, then Sunday saw the 021 & its standby set shunt out as we left the hotel – so that was the first move sorted! Wasn’t many other winners about so took a trip on the Radeburg narrow gauge chuff before flying back.

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Czech Goodness

Four day trip to partake in a couple pf grumpy tours and a quick play on CD. This country never disappoints!

Flew to Brno to spend an afternoon playing on the 242s with another one scratched off as ‘285 was kindly provided. Sunday was a transit day to Prague where 749006 dropped out vice DMU on the afternoon Bud turn, so that was an enjoyable evening truly sorted!

Monday was NFP charter day with IDS’s 749162 and may be the best tour I’ve ever done. SUPERB. Tuesday then up to get 749259 on a positioning move from Lysa n Labem to Sumperk which we took to Ceska Trebova where it was RA Prague and then Luton. Despite the load 1 this was also a good thrash and after last years bowl out for the loco a real bonus as we didn’t know about it when booking flights.

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