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DB Dresden Weekend Apr 22-24

Just a long weekend as a few things we were after a go at came together. Flew late evening to Leipzig which was in time to have a quick scratch with remote control rod 363678 on the Berlin-Zurich CNL Shunt (legit!)


The next morning we were set for a day of good old fashioned doom bashing – the 143s on the Dresden-Chemnitz-Hof line having only two months left before replacment with new carts. We had planned to do the MRB 223 Leipzig – Chemnitz but due to digging took a unit half way, it was better than a bus anyway. Doubled back to get the other 223 then o to the trabbi’s, bagging seven winners.

Saturday was an early start for another private DMU, this was to intercept OSEF’s charter with a 232. We hadn’t managed to sort tickets for this so a part fare back to Dresden behind 232333 was all we did, as this wasn’t the planned “loud” 232 it wasn’t a great loss! Then up to Berlin for more spinning before flying back from Tegal on Sunday. Disappointed with this “better than Schonefeld, but that’s not saying much” airport, maybe next time the new one might finally be open!

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‘002 on footex duties

A quick phot from South Hampstead of 87002 working a delayed 1514 Euston – Stoke footex for Tottenham. This is the third of the current batch of GB operated ones which are for football ticket holders only combined with the risk of the canjunk (although that obviously seems to do most of the available class 1s as ever) and rancid timings – this comes as back as a really sociable 2310 from Stoke tonight, 0151 at Euston!

87002 South Hampstead

87002 South Hampstead

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Camped out at Campahna, Apr 2016

A couple of days in the other land of former Orange locos, Portugal. After much divering we had finally sorted out a trip to cover the Porto vice turns which have seen regular appearances of 1400s for the last year or so due to a shortage of the Spanish 592 carts which work the Douro and Minho routes… Only a short trip so gone for a more detailed write up style for a change.


5607 1052 IC

We arrived on Saturday lunchtime and after finding the first of many working DMUs, headed down to Espinho on 5607 working the 1052 Porto – Lisbon, which is the 1005 from Braga.


5617 Porto

After an hour in a windswept Espinho beach hut, 5617 returned us to Porto on the balancing turn, 0930 Lisbon – Braga. The gripper was straight on this one (compulsory res) but seemed happyish at FIP coupons and just said we should get a res in future… DMUs on both the afternoon Valenca and Pochino turns were a dissapointment so we headed for the first (of many) Super Bocks before taking the first (again, of many) 3400 series EMU out to Gaia to bring the 1130 Lisbon-Porto IC in with 5611 up front.


GM 6004 at Porto

After checking in there were more DMUs to flag so we headed into Porto itself with an EMU to Sao Bento to find somewhere to eat. Dashed back to Campanha to cover the 1815 but clearly there was to be no 1400 today so we did another move to Espinho with 5608 on the 1952 Lisbon for 5606 almost straight back Porto on the 1730 Lisbon – Guimares before calling it a night after a couple of beers on one of the bars over the road.


5606 Porto



Getting up early on Sunday was a waste of time as the morning Douro was of course a DMU. We took it out past Contumil where 1408 was stabled on a scratch set, which wasn’t a good sign with weekend work being potentially thin on the ground. Repeated yesterdays electric move, going to Aviero instead with dud 5611 out for 5618 back. Lots of euros have been spent on the mainline with the main stations rebuilt, including Espinho being put underground, yet stretches remain as bolted track, bizarre! Again the 1310 & 1315 DMUs were DMUs so we jumped on 5606 to Gaia on the 1252 Lisbon before heading into town to do touristy things and headed back more in hope of expectation for the later departures. DMU on the 1615, beer, pair on the 1715, but whats that, the 1815 is shown as departing from a main platform and not the bays – maybe, just maybe… After a somewhat tense fester around 1740 a big orange and white front appeared from the gloom under the Estádio do Dragão – YES!


A VERY welcome sight..

1408, one of the early Vulcan Foundry built examples, duly ran round to form IR 857, the 1815 to Valenca formed of two Soreframe “Corails” and a genny van. Absolutely delighted to finally get one, we settled in for a thrash to Viana del Costelo which was as far as we could get for a unit back to Porto that night. Tight timings and faster than expected linespeed allowed the EE veteran to put in a cracking account of itself. It was a shame to leap at Viana but at least the recent clock change meant it was light enough for a phot.


1408 at Viana do Costelo

A celebratory beer in the station bar before a 592 DMU back to Porto, then back up early next morning for another cart out on the 0610 Porto – Valenca to intercept 1408 on the 0736 Valenca – Porto at Ancora.


1408 on arrival at Campanha, 0736 ex Valenca

On arrival 1408 scuttled of ECS back to Contumil so we checked out and took 5611 again down to Espinho on the 1005 Braga – Lisbon. After a snack by the beach we got absolutely soaked through getting back to the station in some of the heaviest rains I’ve seen for a long time, however the reward was new 5604 on the 0930 Lisbon – Braga.


5604 at Porto

There was more DMUs and a dud 5600 on the next possible moves so we called it a day and headed into Sao Bento for more wandering (albeit every road seemed to take us to the same place) and a dive between some bars before taking the Metro back to the airport and Ryanair home, which was rather unhelpfully kept on the tarmac for over an hour due to congestion at Stansted. Got us back though, and we’d bagged a 1400 so happy days!




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Czech Rep March 2016

Finally, the middle of March saw the 2016 European book opened! Started off in Czech Republic for a few days, just doing Prague and Plzen before heading to Austria via Bud. Had planned to do the Klatovy 754s but flooding closed that line and also digging between Plzen and Bud on the Monday curtailed 242 moves so I re-hashed a bit in the end!

Captions on here at upload for a change, I will try and get the rest of the week (OBB and SZ) up in good time! Adding a few phone photos where I’m too lazy to dig the camera now as well, so will see how that goes…

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002 over at the Cross

Popped over to Kings Cross this week to take a couple of phots as 87002 had finally been allowed out on the ECS move for the down Royal Highlander which is diverted via the East Coast due to Beattock being closed. Never been a fan of Kings Cross but they have done a good job of tarting up the trainshed around the blocks.



Sadly the hired in Freightliner skoda’s are a lot more reliable than 92s (shock) so perhaps no sign of class 1 workings at the moment

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December trip for a few GMS (and other old tat)

Having failed miserably to plan much for the end of the year but with leave to burn, word of a tour using SIX Hungarian M61s for a dayout was too tempting once I’d made the fatal mistake of even taking a look at covering it. With short notice and the need avoid the worse of the pre-Christmas flight ching it just happened that the Sunday Stansted-Ljubljana was available without breaking the bank – oh well I know how to get from there to Budapest!

My luck was well in with 664116 doing the honors on the Citadella and I really hope I can get back before the wires – now looking as good as complete – are energized. Late Spring/Summer 2016 seems to be the claim, but will it really take them that long?

A winter Tuesday (still in thick fog!) probably isn’t the ideal time for a tour to Tapolca, but (big thanks to Ferenc for sorting tickets out) with no fewer than six – six – M61s on the front it was enjoyable if plain silly.

So that left just one more move, 431 271 taking me to Ferihegy for the flight home. My 284th winner of 2015 over nine trips abroad, here’s to many more in 2016 and a big thanks to everyone who has made this an excellent year.


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France Nov 2015

Long weekend covering diesels on the Atlantic coast and then spinning around Lyon and the Rhone-Alps.

Flew out the morning after the tragic events in France which made the trip a touch pognant. Vive Le France.

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