Welcome to my website! Please settle in and look around, scroll down for newest posts or use the top and side menus to navigate – you’ll find plenty record phots from my nedding around, mainly, continental Europe. Captions are a bit variable so feel free to leave a message if further gen would be of use and I’ll do my best… Cheers, Prost or Nazdráve!

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Quick trip to the DDR, March 2015

“It’s a new class, lets go for it” … always a good reaction to a gen post! Only a Friday-Sunday trip, but everything fell into place nicely. The main event was a OSEF Charter from Dresden to Nordhausen with ex-DR ‘boat’ 118552, now operated by ITL (228585) around which we were after new MRCE 182s on Halle-Eisenachs, 182021 at Dresden and whatever trabbi’s we could mop up.

Friday saw RB20 provide not one, two or three but FOUR new 182s – 513, 526, 565 & 595 being caned in, 120127 then providing a nice bonus across to Dresden via Leipzig’s new Low Level. We arrived Dresden to see my last DB 182 parked up on the standby set, hmmm…

The tour managed to run as booked Saturday, a pleasant change for Germany, then Sunday saw the 021 & its standby set shunt out as we left the hotel – so that was the first move sorted! Wasn’t many other winners about so took a trip on the Radeburg narrow gauge chuff before flying back.

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Czech Goodness

Four day trip to partake in a couple pf grumpy tours and a quick play on CD. This country never disappoints!

Flew to Brno to spend an afternoon playing on the 242s with another one scratched off as ‘285 was kindly provided. Sunday was a transit day to Prague where 749006 dropped out vice DMU on the afternoon Bud turn, so that was an enjoyable evening truly sorted!

Monday was NFP charter day with IDS’s 749162 and may be the best tour I’ve ever done. SUPERB. Tuesday then up to get 749259 on a positioning move from Lysa n Labem to Sumperk which we took to Ceska Trebova where it was RA Prague and then Luton. Despite the load 1 this was also a good thrash and after last years bowl out for the loco a real bonus as we didn’t know about it when booking flights.

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Set out to open the book in NS, even more hit and miss than expected! 2 x 1200s on ski trains were a nice bonus though.

Captions actually provided on the phots this time!

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DB Weekend

Very quick trip courtesy of some cheap flights to Cologne to get some engines in the book for the year – most of you can probably guess what locations feature in the moves book!

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December Bash – OBB and a few other bits

Weeks Austrian trip harvesting OBB electrics, mainly around Vienna and then Graz to have a day out covering the Citadella and GySev 651 turn in Hungary for a blast of diesels more interesting than 2016s!

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Germany and Swiss Quick Bash, Nov 14

Three day trip, flew to Basle on Friday but straight into Germany via Basle Bad to hit Freiburg which should have all been new, and was until Stuttgart’s 146201 turned up. On Saturday elected to stick with plan and head east to the Gaubahn hoping to pick up a 181 and maybe a 115 – my luck was in and 115383 dropped me onto 181209 then a top prize of 115114! Then into Switzerland for a brief first visit to fly back picking up locos along the way…

Link to erg post for more detailed loco/train gen

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