87002 Spitfire Tours

After the disaster that was the attempted “Electric Scot Tribute” farewell tour of which nothing further will be said, Spitfire persevered with attempts to get a seven to Glasgow – credit where it is due! The first tour saw 87002’s first passenger workings under the ETL/ACLG banner reach Glasgow without problem on a grey day in October 2008. However this also didn’t go to plan with a loco failure meaning we all had to endure 57601 staggering back down the WCML stupidly late that night.

So, third time lucky and Saturday 11th July 2009. International to Glasgow and return with the added bonus of a mini-tour to Ayr (top and tail with a duff) looked a pleasant enough way to spend a summer Saturday. So,early o clock at New St and 87002 rolls in, unfortunately on the FC end of the stock – cheers WCRC – so a full day in coach A listening to the strumming brush on the rear, oh well! A reasonable run out and back, did what it said on the tin and ran pretty much to time there and back although the Ayr leg was a bit of a stagger (47786) and the weather was far better north of the border.

Posted April 11, 2011 by redcow87015 in Class 87s, UK, UK Mainline

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