Bulgaria 2011 (Part 1)

First set of photos from our Bulgarian/Romanian ten day trip in April/May 2011

A brief outline of the moves is given here – click on individual photos for full captions

Saturday 30 Apr

Flew out on Easyjet (G-EZUG) to Sofia for a fast minibus into town, two fill in spins to Podujane courtesy of a 75 late Istanbul-Belgrade before the main event which was to head down to Dupnica to pick up the evening Bobov Dol branch working which is booked a 61.

Sunday 1 May

Todays move was to cover the entire length of the narrow gauge from Septembri through to Dobrinshte and spend the night in Bankso. More blind luck saw us drop onto a pair out of Septembri as 75004 piloted the 09.05 out of Septembri to Velingrad prior to the 75 getting involved with a kettle tour. To top that off the steam heat was duly turned on for extra riot value! We covered all the narrow gauge diagrams which were worked by 77002, 77005 and 75008 as well as the aforementioned 75004.

Monday 2 May

77005 back to Septembri from Bankso then onwards to Plovdiv with 44063 to cover the 17.40 Plovdiv-Peshtera and return which is booked to be hauled and produced 07020.

Tuesday 3 May

Today we were heading north to cross into Romania. We had planned to travel on the Istanbul-Bucharest portion however due to engineering work we were not sure if it was running so headed to Sofia behind 44099 on the 0600 from Plovdiv, where we changed to EC460 the Sofia (nee Thessaloniki) – Bucharest train with 44107. BDZ saw fit to add freight monster 43307 to the front at Pleven which worked through to Ruse, which was nice of them! CFR GM diesel 63-1133 was waiting at Ruse to work forward, although we had to wait two hours longer than booked awaiting the Istanbul portion, which had run via Karnobat and half the rest of Bulgaria on its way around an engineering block.

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For a full list of moves, see Dan’s website where he has bothered to type them all out

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