BZK 87s at Pirdop 8 May 2011

A half hour interlude at Pirdop to phot the BZK 87s…

Having been bowled out by the non-running of the Sunday Dimitovgrad IC turn due to engineering work, Plan B (or was it C?) saw us heading east from Sofia behind 45177 to Pirdop in the hope of grabbing a few phots of 87s either stabled or positioned on freight trains.

At Pirdop there were:

87033 on cargovans

87004 on the rear of a set of acid tanks which had 87028+40-1022 on the front – this left Pirdop eastbound at 17.55

Stabled in the BZK bay, in order from the buffer stops, were 87022, 87013 and 87034 all looking a bit out of use, then a couple of red carded wagons and 87003 and 006 at the active end of the line with the resident gronk.

Unfortunately some security bod was none too happy with us taking photos (despite our attempts to explain what we were up to) so we were unable to go yomping around for the best angles. 43532 returned us to Sofia as we didn’t think it best to antagonise Bert hanging around another hour for the IC as he was on the radio whilst ranting at us…


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