Germany December 2011

German Trip December 2011 – Second week long bash to Germany, this time a bit more time in the East, highlights being a tours with 103222 and V100 2091 and a raft of both DB and MRCE Taurus on Regio turns – all of the ‘noisy’ tune playing variety as well as cheeky leaps on OBB, PKP and CD locos.

Tuesday: Flew to ‘Frankfurt’ Hahn, local breadvan to Bullay then into Frankfurt via Koblenz and had the evening around Frankfurt prior to getting the overnight up to Hamburg

Wednesday: RA Berlin from Hamburg, spent all day spinning around which fell apart when the downstairs collapsed then onto Leipzig for the night.

Thursday: Spent all day around Dresden taking in a variety of stuff including a run to Bad Schandau on CD 371s

Friday: A few leaps around Leipzig then onto Halle to cover off the 182 turns on the Eisenach REs before a long IC west to Hamm

Saturday: Joined ‘every man and his dog’ (well, nearly everyone) for a Hamm to Bremen tour with ‘massive’ 103222, a leap for 110464 out of Rottenburg which went pear shaped before a rioutous return tour spent enjoying the whopping bar/disco car

Sunday: Covered V100 2091 from Euskircken to Aachen on a Christmas Special then worked back to Dusseldorf for a few beers

Monday: Home today via Brussels, SNCB farce to welcome us with a caped local Aachen-Liege unit then no space on the following Thalys so local bus to Eupen for carts vice IC set to Welkenraedt then 1351 into Brussels for a bit of a run at the peak, which managed to feature 3×27 vice 23! 1850 Eurostar back to St Pancras, next 319 home duly caped so usual UK FCC quality on arrival!

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