SNCF Bash February 2012

An overdue first trip of 2012 with a four day bash to France to sample some of the hauled trains operating around Paris.

Saturday:  Took the 0824 Eurostar from St Pancras, shortly after leaving the high-speed line we ground to a halt due to a fatality at Gare du Nord and crawled in to arrive an hour late. Said fatality had clearly caused complete chaos with most platforms closed and the concourse was just a complete mass of people. With all moves out the window we waited for the 1404 Boulogne which did manage to get away right time however on arrival the 1707 back to Paris was formed of a TER cart vice Intercity set so a complete bowl out there!

Sunday: Up early for the 0706 Boulogne-Paris which was taken throughout before the afternoon was spent bashing the 72000s out of Paris Est on the Mulhouse route which has recently been hacked back after a new TGV line open.

Monday: Into Paris from Troyes for a trip up to Longeau to net another 67000, then across to Austerlitz and a thrash to Orleans on 7216 and the evening was spent spinning 7200s/22000s out of Orleans. 7324 on the 1727 Paris-Orleans was a whopping train of 15 Intercity coaches, now thats how you move people around!

Tuesday: Gained a bonus class in 26016 on the way into Paris (vice 7200) then spent most of the day spinning out of San Lazare where the routes through Argenteuil have an impressive eight hauled trains per hour off-peak with both 17000 and 27000 locos available before taking a wedged Eurostar back to St Pancras.

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