Slovakia (and some German) June 2012

A five day outing to cover the Slovak Rendez event

We flew out late on Thursday to Leipzig on Ryananir in order to cover a Nohab tour around Magdeburg on Friday. True to form this was duly caped a week or so before, Plan B was to cover the MRCE Taurus Halle-Eisenach workings and see what else (trabbi, trabbi or trabbi) we could pick up around Halle, Leipzig and Dresden before taking EN477 overnight to Bratislava.

The Rendez Open Day at Bratislava Vychod and associated tours produce a tour with newly Slovak-owned 749248 on Saturday and the louder ZSSK Cargo 751033 on Sunday. Spent some time around these getting some 240 “goldfish” in the book – these must be among the most interesting electrics left in Europe.

Monday and Tuesday spare before flying back – did a bit of exploring to pick up goldfish and goggles around Zvolen and Nove Zamky although most of our plans fell apart with a few rather spectacular bowl-outs occurring…

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