Slovenia and Croatia July 2012

A week on the sunny Adriatic Coast with some very loud GMs…

Straight from enjoying “grumpies” at Tisnov, we headed into Austria and then Slovenia to spend a week enjoying roots-blown Yugoslavian GMs. The Hodos line was our first stop, then a very enjoyable day in Pula doing the hauled train in and back out. The next day saw us head to Riejka with a 2063 for a “bendy” 1061 out as we headed for the Split overnight out of Zagreb. We then spent four days playing around Split with plenty of 2062s out (and a serious deathtrap DMUs shortage!)  and with temperatures in the mid 30s and wall to wall sunshine most of that was spent in one of the beach/sea/bar with just morning and evening moves on the Perkovic axis. All too soon though it was time to head back to Zagreb on the eight hour trek that is the IC1522 day train and back home after a quick 2044 leap, naturally.

I was told we’d enjoy the Split line and a summer week there – did we half!! 🙂

Full captions on each individual photo…

Again, a big thanks to Dan, Parker and Doss for their company on a cracking trip

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