87s September 2012 – Bulgaria and the UK

September 2012 – 87s in Bulgaria and the UK. With UK Railtours having advertised some rare use of 87002 in late September we had a bit of re-planning to do as that week we had down for Bulgaria. A quick re-hash later and we flew back from Varna the day before the tour so went from ‘026 and ‘033 one day to ‘002 the next!


We arrived on Friday 21st Sep, and had barely stocked up on provision at Sofia when 87028 rolled through light engine onto the shed. Subsequent enquiries suggest that this had worked an oil train from Ruse Raz to Sofia Sever.

On the Eastern Coast, Razdelna remains busy for BZK. We managed to phot a daily departure for Ruse shortly after 10.00, which consisted of 87026&87033 on empty fertiliser flats Tuesday, 87026&87033 (&87012 tail) on empty boxes Wednesday and  (87012 tail) on three tanks Thursday. The return working was believed to arrive around 20.00 with another train or two coming and going overnight (to/from Pirdop).

Our move was to catch the 0650 local out of Varna to Razdelna, which happened to be the traincrews pass move, to watch the shunting and prepping of the train. After an hour or so after running around taking lots of photos there, we double-backed to Poveljano and then Sindel on the morning Varna – Ruse which the BZK service would then follow. A plus twenty or so then it was back to Varna and RA the beach!

After photting ‘033 at Sindel on Thursday we were almost straight to Varna Aiport and back to Gatwick for an enjoyable run down the East Coast to York on 87002…

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