Bulgaria – BDZ – September 2012

Annual Bulgarian Trip – September 2012
A few weeks later than the BZK Class 87 phots which have already been put up here, the usual selection of BDZ goodies is below with full captions on each phot.

We started off making a high stakes leap for Levski to cover the Trojan branch which had been dropping a 55 vice DMU on one diagram, so had a good run off 55198 on the first evening. We then headed for Plovdiv to cover yet more vice action which produced a handful of 07s and another 55 although that was a bit of a disappointment being ‘vice’ 61 in turn vice EMU!  From Plovdiv it was on to Varna where time would be spent equally between running around after 87s, covering new electrics on the local turns and finally but not least, on the beach with a beer or rakia!

Link to ERG Gen post for the trip…thanks to Potter for doing all the writing down and typing up!

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