Polish Bash for some PKP and the KS “vice” Gala

PKP Bash – February 2012 to whip in some PKP “Roarers” and hit the Katowice area where new private operator KS Koleje Slaskie had taken over lots of local routes from PKP but without any units to run them – clever!

Having travelled on EC249 from Berlin to get a SU46 diesel over the border we spent a night in Wroclaw which despite a Saturday afternoon OHL riot was fairly productive before moving on to Katowice. With gen fairly sketchy but a raft of hired in locos available we were soon in mass scooping mode. Railpool Traxx locos were working the majority of services with PKP Cargo providing EU07 and ET22s for some of the branches so once again some “freight only” ET22 passenger action was available, just like every other time I’ve been in Poland!

Posted February 7, 2013 by redcow87015 in Euro Nedding, Poland

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