SNCF May 2013

Another Bank Holiday so another short trip…

Starting off in rather unorthodox fashion (for us new kids on the block) with a unit to Dover and then MS Spirit of France pottered us over to Calais where we would stop for the night. This meant after an early unit we could cover the Bolougne – Paris IC services with 67400s working hard on load 8-10 Intercity trains and then into Paris courtesy of 22233. We spent the afternoon out of Paris Bercy where 7200s on load 10 shove sets were to be had.

Sunday we did a selection of out and back moves from Paris Nord and Est behind a few 15000s, & 22000s and a trip to Troyes with the impressive looking, if rather silenced, 72100 diesels. Finally got a TEE liveried 15000 after a few attempts on previous trips which was nice!

Span our red pens silly out of San Lazare and Montparnasse all day Monday, finishing off with more ‘casse-nez’ 7200s on the evening Montparnasse – Le Mans commuters. These were load 12 corail stock, wish my train to/from work could be something even in the same league! Eurostar’d it back on Tuesday but the weather was rubbish so only a few phots from the afternoon when it had stopped pouring.

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