SNCF November 2013

Je suis went to France! A five day trip working (indirectly) back from Nice, taking in many new areas for me. Having flown to Nice, we then headed for Marseille, Lyon, Clermont, Paris, Nantes, La Rochelle, Nantes, Tours, Paris or something like that!

As usual for France it was a mixed scorecard with a number of unit positioning moves and TER leaps proving difficult to predict, offset by some cracking distance runs on long trains of Corail IC stock. Plenty of variety in classes and liveries although as it was rather cold and dark on some days (when others were t-shirt weather!) mean not particularly many technically spot-on photos, but you shouldn’t expect any different on here!

Derided by many, I’m really coming round to seeing France as an excellent bash, it just requires more preperation and patience than many others…

Posted November 24, 2013 by redcow87015 in Euro Nedding, France

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