Another quick bit of German Jan 2014

The crank department of DB Fernverkehr have been busy organising some old electric fun and games from the December  timetable change, so a combination of outstanding leave, a spare box and cheap flights saw a plan stitched together to get 2014 up and running, ned wise.

Out to be had were 3×115 diagrams on the ‘Gaubahn’ from Stuttgart and also in the area were both 103 diagrams and, yes, another MRCE Taurus for the book. Naturally, had the pen out for lots of Regio stuff aswell… Brief sojorn to Munich en-route flying back where the ‘Meridian’ private outfit have some hauled vice out with 111s and 182596.



Posted January 27, 2014 by redcow87015 in Euro Nedding, Germany

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