Bulgarian Sevens, May 2014

This years Bulgaria trip was moved forward to May, with the 21 strong 87 fleet again producing for sight in reasonable numbers. 87003/004/007/008/010/012/014/019/023/026/029/033/034 were viewed on this visit… 006 and 025 were also around as viewed by another member of the party whilst I was deckchairing for winning BDZ locos.

Again we did a circular trip around much of the country, with only two days out of eight not producing any 87 sightings – not bad at all! The phots will I’m afraid be similar to those posted here previously, but it is still something to wander around Razdelna at 06xx photting old friends…. 🙂

Also managed to find 87008 albeit demic on Express Services, Ruse. This loco had not been seen on the past few visits after being seriously attacked for copper in early 2011. It is probably optimistic to expect it to be there for a rebuild rather than parts donor…

For the non-87 BDZ (and a few other bits, some 92 nonsense etc) goodness, click here

Posted May 21, 2014 by redcow87015 in Bulgaria, Class 87s, Euro Nedding

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