Czech Goodness

Four day trip to partake in a couple pf grumpy tours and a quick play on CD. This country never disappoints!

Flew to Brno to spend an afternoon playing on the 242s with another one scratched off as ‘285 was kindly provided. Sunday was a transit day to Prague where 749006 dropped out vice DMU on the afternoon Bud turn, so that was an enjoyable evening truly sorted!

Monday was NFP charter day with IDS’s 749162 and may be the best tour I’ve ever done. SUPERB. Tuesday then up to get 749259 on a positioning move from Lysa n Labem to Sumperk which we took to Ceska Trebova where it was RA Prague and then Luton. Despite the load 1 this was also a good thrash and after last years bowl out for the loco a real bonus as we didn’t know about it when booking flights.

Posted March 14, 2015 by redcow87015 in Czech Republic, Euro Nedding

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