Quick trip to the DDR, March 2015

“It’s a new class, lets go for it” … always a good reaction to a gen post! Only a Friday-Sunday trip, but everything fell into place nicely. The main event was a OSEF Charter from Dresden to Nordhausen with ex-DR ‘boat’ 118552, now operated by ITL (228585) around which we were after new MRCE 182s on Halle-Eisenachs, 182021 at Dresden and whatever trabbi’s we could mop up.

Friday saw RB20 provide not one, two or three but FOUR new 182s – 513, 526, 565 & 595 being caned in, 120127 then providing a nice bonus across to Dresden via Leipzig’s new Low Level. We arrived Dresden to see my last DB 182 parked up on the standby set, hmmm…

The tour managed to run as booked Saturday, a pleasant change for Germany, then Sunday saw the 021 & its standby set shunt out as we left the hotel – so that was the first move sorted! Wasn’t many other winners about so took a trip on the Radeburg narrow gauge chuff before flying back.

Posted March 29, 2015 by redcow87015 in Euro Nedding, Germany

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