CD Class 210 Olympic Gala

POZOR 210s!

As part of “Czech Team Olympics” taking place in a few venues across country whilst the proper Olympics take place in Rio, the Rybnik – Lipno line is holding an ABSOLUTE GALA of shuttles with 210s everywhere!

We actually fell into thi as were planning to be in the part of the world anyway, and turned up on the second day. There were no fewer than six 210s on passenger service, plus one as station pilot at Bud. The usual two local turns, plus two sets top and tail through from Ceske Bud which came down in the morning to work shuttles between Vyssi Brod and Lipno all day before returning to Bud late evening. Being a Friday, there was also an overnight but given the deckers we didn’t fancy the 0245 Lipno – Ceske Bud, however much of a riot it may have been! Although the weather wasn’t great as the stock was all deckers which might not have been great had it been 30+ degrees to be honest.

210021, 210023 (on loan from Brno), 210039, 210045, 210057 & 210059 were all out on the day. Sadly 210058 stayed spare on Bud but that was made up for in some ways with a cheeky shunt behind 210055…

Captions on the photos, and yes I am miles behind on getting stuff uploaded. Made a start on some of the BG pages in fairness mind!


Posted August 11, 2016 by redcow87015 in Czech Republic, Euro Nedding

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