Tisnov SPP, July 2017

Its back!!! After a few years of either not running or not having trains of interest some changes in CD’s headquarters have seen a revival of the early July Slavnosti Pernštejnského panství event at Pernstejn castle (Nedvedice) on the secondary route between Tisnov and Zdar. 2017 saw two days of running albeit I could only make the second, missing out on the first days activities (main day for normals) including two steam specials with 751/735 assistance.

So then, Thursday 7 July…

At long last!! ZSSK 350003 finally puts the last line in my Slovak Gorilla book, having taken a lot of time and effort my luck was in with ‘003 appearing on the EC circuit a few days previously and the follow on put it on the 0610 Bratislava – Praha, which as it happened was available on a ned leap across Brno from Dolni to Zidenice due to ongoing engineering work at Brno Hlavni. I wasn’t particuarly expecting it to stick knowing how these things work but stick it did and my day was off to a great start in the morning sun at Brno Zidenice waiting for my 242 forward.

After arrival at Tisnov there was just time for a phot of 242247 waiting departure time with the 0832 to Modrice

My machine from Zidenice had been a shiny 242260, seen here just after running round at Tisnov.

Always superbly turned out, 751002 (749008 on rear) 0934 Tisnov to Zdar. These are service trains with the usual two car 814 DMU replaced for the day, a superbly restored set of CD Compos being a rather stark step up in standards. 751002 was very good compared to previous occasions when its been driven gently, the flags even got a workout!

Quick change of ends at Zdar as they had added additional runs up the hill from Zdar to Nove Mesto and back in the usual turnaround time. Where I say 749008, they do appear to have removed the EH equipment and put a steam pipe on which would make it a 751 again but I presume it’s just cosmetic for the many Czech photters.

751002 at Zdar in nice evening light after arriving on the 1708 from Nove Mesto. The grumpies had worked two full round trips to Tisnov and two Zdar-Nove Mesto’s by the end of the day. The pointwork specialists were staying aboard for the shunt to the other platform…

…754059 was a bonus scratch for me, with the 1740 Zdar to Brno (weekend train running on Bank Holiday) – 749008 & 751002 were attached to the rear as far as Nove Mesto with all three locos powering!

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