“The Oslavany Oscillator” Railtour July 2017

Another Superb day out courtesy of Schwartz with 751001 being the main tour loco assisted by two shunters and we wandered around Southern Moravia.

The day had rudely started very wet but the clouds were ligting nicely by the time we arrived at Moravsky Krumlov, heading down secondary routes from Brno. We stopped here to pass a DMU before heading further south.

Not long after the above and we had CEZ’s 740754 attached to the rear to take us down the Dukovany Power Station branch, with 751001 giving plenty of banking assistance. We reached the entrance gates at the other end of the branch, quite good enough for me as its a nuclear power station and I was already glowing enough from the previous days sunburn!

Hrusovavy nad Jevisovkou now pausing alongside a 742 whilst acquiring the paperwork for the closed Hevlin branch. When we got there and the run round loop was covered in equipment for a local woodcutter I briefly hoped the 742 might have followed us to work back, but no we just propelled. By the time we got back here we’d dropped an hour due to the (clearly untimetabled) stagger up the branch and back.

We’d sacked off the Hustopec branch due to late running to ensure it was still light for what I’m sure was many peoples highlight, the Brno street running from Dolni down to BVV Sidings at the exhibition centre down the main road. A late replacement for the previously planned 748 (BDZ 55 type) was 714028 – a touch dissapointing but just doing the street running more than made up for it! The 714 is seen here during the turnaround. It had hammered down just as we arrived into Brno adding to the effect.

751001 at Brno BVV ready to take us all back to Brno Dolni. We’d actually planned to go forward to Kralove Pole but leapt off when it became clear a prolonged wait for a path was occuring at Dolni to return to the mainline.

And here is one we didn’t have, 749254 resting on Brno Dolni depot in the last light.

Tour Details – Grumpy Railtours The Osslavany Oscillator 07/07/17:

751001: Brno Kralove Pole – Brno Dolni – Moravske Branice – Oslavany (rev) – Moravske Branice (rev) – Raksice

740754: Raksice – Dukovany Power Station (751001 assisting in rear)

751001: Dukovany – Hrusovany nad Jevisovkou – Hevlin (rev, propel) – Hrusovany nad Jevisovkou (rev) – Breclav (rev) – Kuty (rev) – Holic – Hodonin – Zajeci – Brno Dolni

714028: Brno Dolni – Porici Ulice (Street Running) – Brno BVV

751001: Brno BVV – Porici Ulici – Brno Dolni (-Tisnov)

Stock: CD Museum load 4 compos

10/10 😀


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