Czech Rep, July 2017

Spare Saturday and Sunday after the 751001 tour before a stock move back to Prague with 749008 Monday. Its Czecho in the summer so there was plenty to go at, we were planning around covering a 720 first and foremost as that was a nice new class for my book…

Surprised the CD engineers haven’t called the police, trains are running between Brno and Jihlava!!! We headed out on 750711 on the 0720 Brno – Plzen which waited, and waited, in this field for 750704 to eventually come round the corner on the 0613 Ceske Bud – Brno

Near on 1300 and finally time to get off the 0720 Brno – Plzen at Strakonice having enjoyed a very shiny 242212 complete with blue pans from Jihlava to Bud where this proper coloured 242226 re-engined to work forward to Plzen. For 2017’s secondary trains in Europe these are certainly high up in the real stakes even if Strakonice is a rebuilt station!

242244 took me the 23km back to Protivin on the 1202 Plzen – Brno. Seen here awaiting a connecting unit it really, really needs a number plate putting back on the front to improve its looks in this varient of the livery. In the bar opposite we did discuss how many times this Plzen workhorse is likely to have seen this bit of track since delivery, many many thousand no doubt and I doubt bar the colours very much in this view has changed.

New Class Alert! Czech outfit Railway Capital run this private trip every Saturday and Sunday until the end of August across line 201 as the “Vlak na Písek” with 720097 in charge of some old Vienna – Bratislava balcony bellowing stock (presumably found in a farmers field, fair enough) and a bike van. The ching is under £2 for the 60km run of around 90 mins and this sort of thing is well worth supporting if you are in the area.

Drop on alert! Not happy with just the 720, we had recieved word that KZC’s Posázavský motoráček DMU diagram wasn’t very DMUey today. So having opened the 740 book the previous day it was then doubled with 740692 from Cercany to Prague, shockingly it seemed a better option than the ‘rancid trunk’ EMU to the right…!

Drop On and New Class Alert, sound the klaxons!!! Due yet another Regiojet loco farce they had got really desperate and turned to this 1957 survivor, 140097 of Arriva which had been hired in that morning for a two day wander and it is seen arriving into Pardubice on the 0930 Havirov – Praha. Now, given the 140 is a 2725hp, 120kmh (says wikipedia) monster and these trains are timed for 4500+hp, 160kmh Class 162s I will take guesses on how late it was. Czech, where even decimating the Prague mainline timetable doesn’t matter if its a cranky move, absolutely hellfire!!

749008 at Praha Liben after a great run from Brno Zidenice via the mainline, about to start raining a lot but I think they just got the loco and stock on depot beforehand. CD Nostalgia reverting to providing the goods for both Tisnov and the tours hopefully went as well as it seemed to, good show all round.

Standard bin lorry move to the airport, 714216 at Velalsavin on the 1649 Praha Bubny – Stredokluky. The viaduct to Masarykovo over the river is closed for the another big CD dig so all these turns now start at either Bubny or Bubny-Vlatavska, a DIY shack they’ve banged together outside Vlatavska Metro for the foreseeable. Next up was the 119 bus and one of the purple lots finest back to Luton and a trudge to work the next morning.

This was a three part trip…

Part 1 – Tisnov SPP Event Thurday

Part 2 – 751001 Railtour Friday

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