Lipno 210 Party 27 August

I awoke on this Sunday with no idea what move to do. 749121 wasn’t out and the only loud working would be 749107 too late in the day as we had to end in Munich. So I decided I’d start with the others heading south on the 0732 Praha – Ceske Bud as far as Tabor where they would cover the 720. Whilst wandering through the journey planner to check engineering work I noticed that the Rybnik to Lipno branch appeared to be running a gala timetable. Knowing that last year an event there had led to a 210 gala, decided to head down and see – it was on the way to Linz anyway if needed. From Bud I had the bonus of 242213 down to Rybnik as the usual OBB sets were not running as the line was closed beyond Rybnik, departing Ceske Bud I peered into the shed to see if uniquely liveried – and my last Plzen 210 for haulage – 210058 was anywhere to be seen. Couldn’t see it which with 210021 as station pilot I knew the odds of 058 being out were fairly good IF my educated guess that five 210s would be down the branch was accurate!

Arrived at Rybnik spot on time after having now unusual 242 track and 210057 was just detaching from its usual branch set. I took this up to Vyssi Brod where, although I was fairly confident, hoped that the other sets would be 210s…

First up 210057 is seen running round ready to work the 1104 Rybnik to Vyssi Brod on the usual service train rake. This was shuffling in the booked paths as far as Vyssi Brod, presumably to maintain mainline connections.

Just beyond Vyssi Brod, 210058 round the corner working the 1120 Lipno – Vyssi Brod. This is the only 210 to carry the modern CD livery and a truly welcome sight as having been re-instated to traffic in 2016 was a massive slotter.

210039, one of the Ceske Bud regulars, was on the other end of ‘058s shuttle set and is seen here at Lipno on arrival of the 1147 from Vyssi Brod, decanting lots of canoes straight from the stock down to the river on the right – the ballast leaps being made from the full brake were quite impressive!

Even for Czech I was a bit withered when the answer to running out of space for canoes inside the train was to strap them to the front and back of the 210!! 210058 is tailing 210039 at Certova Stena on the 1257 Vyssi Brod – Lipno. This usually deserted shack was a hive of activity with an entire platform of canoes lined up for each northbound train!

A short walk to the south of Certova Stela, 210059 heads for Vyssi Brod on the 1306 ex Lipno. Despite both being pans up, the back engine didn’t power on these trains – 210045 in this instance.

And here is said 210045 arriving back at Certova Stela on the 1331 off Vyssi Brod.

210058 at Vyssi Brod working the 1450 Lipno – Ceske Bud which was the first shuttle set heading back off the branch so presumably the boating was about finished.

Interrogating various wallpaper during the day managed to work out that it was a ‘MS Rafting’ event (even though most were in canoes) for just this Saturday and Sunday so I had really struck lucky on what was just a transit day pencilled in for 749121 – if that had worked I probably wouldn’t even have known the 210 party was taking place and a most enjoyable, riotous day!

Working were:

210057 working load two normal rake (half brake plus decker)

210039 & 210058 and 210045 & 210059 extra shuttle sets (full brake and decker)

With 210021 station pilot at Bud and 210055 on shed likely on the booked early and late diagram at Bud I think that was all of Plzen’s 210 allocation accounted for.

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