24 hours in Romania, September 2017

A quick interlude to Buchurest to scoop in a handful of locos on local moves. Being a Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning doesn’t actually matter to much to the Romanians who run most trains on a daily timetable, unlike some other eastern countries there are plenty of trains but on the downside moves are quite difficult to do.

477-880 at Bucuresti with an afternoon departure in all its phoenix glory.

More interesting colours as 66-1298 (formerely know as 65-1298) in full flag livery having arrived with the 1650 from Targoviste. There is another GM and an electric in this livery are are no doubt used on VSOE’s and the like. Despite being 710 power units these are fairly entertaining rebuilds – you’d struggle to know they are bent Sulzers.

Covering the Sulzer turns was hard work with this being the only one viewed, 60-1120 kicked out on the 1900 Buchurest to Urziceni which we took for a run out. The diagram back was a Desiro, not even a GM or Jaffajunk like the others had been – great! We were a few weeks after the end of the summer timetable had ended which meant a much reduced chance of Sulzer’s but we didn’t expect Buchurest to be this barren for them.

  The next morning was a much brighter day and 40-0794 charges into Bucharest passing through Bucuresti  Triaj/Pajura – this station appears to have a different name depending on what side of the central island platform you stop at, despite all the lines ending up on the line to Chitila which is a tad confusing/pointless!

41-0928 stands at Videle with the 1215 Buchurest to Craiova again sporting a traditional headboard which do add a touch of colour and character!

65-1025 arrives at Videle on what is left of the Buchurest – Sofia / Istanbul – a single BDZ compo coach and a TCDD couchette. How the might have fallen… This was our ride out of Romania, and dud to boot – I’d only had five  Bucurest area engines previously and four of them decided to show themselves on trains that were in the move, obviously!

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