Bulgaria September 2017 (Part 1)

Second trip to Bulgaria, based on a week of Dan’s rest days in late September.

After a quick play in Romania, we were back in more regular territory after taking 44137 down from Ruse to Varna. This passed 87006/008/013/022/034 all stored at Express Services, and also accounted for 87017 en-route. Throughout the rest of the week we would see all working sevens expect 87026, which is the best one to miss anyway! This is the photos from the Varna region, before we moved on to Pirdop and the Sofia area.

bzk-87012-vr-25091787012 sits spare in the first of the morning sunlight. The Senovo kaolin trains had evidently been running given the liveral coating of the place which at least made it a bit easier to walk around [Phone Photo]

bzk-40-1001-87012And as you were… Between the 0700 observation of what was on hand and departure of the day’s Ruse freight 40-1001 had arrived on a set of acid tanks (solo) and therefore was put on front of 87012 and the consist of cereal wagons (and boxes out of sight) is seen clattering into Sindel.

bdz-07106-poveljanovoAs ever, the Varna ’07’ turn on the Dobrich line was in the capable hands of 07106, although 07111 was hovering on the shed we picked up a few more KMs behind ‘106 to Poveljanovo where it is seen getting the tip to depart on the 1615 Varna to Dobrich. The ‘vice’ turn with a 55 was kicked out the same evening, although with two working Desiro’s at Varna it was not out solidly and swapped back to a Desiro again the next day.

bdz-44062-beloslav-260917Things that bowl out the morning moves to view what BZK have on hand – your 0600 departure time not being marked with whistles on the platform but the drop of a shackle! Due to an air leak on the leading coach, the 0600 Varna – Shumen had that knocked out prior to departure leaving 25 late with just this single wagon in tow, seen here at Beloslav. An amended leap here because of the low service means you’d be out at Razdelna for hours and breakfast was a higher priority!

bdz-44120-sindelFor some of our party this loco was a welcome sight as they hadn’t been there in June when we had dropped it on its test run off overhaul, 44120 still looking smart sits at Sindel whilst the driver was in the redcaps office sorting out instruction to work forward SLW on the 0915 Varna to Ruse


The Ruse produces at last! BZK finally run out of having enough 40s and 87029 & 87028 are entrusted to a short train of VTG tanks, again pausing at Sindel awaiting entry into the SLW section beyond. This block was on in June too, showing how long it takes to do things taking three-hour blocks a day with a single PW trolley!

bzk-87029-87028-sindel-2aAfter fifteen minutes or so, 87029 & 87028 get away from Sindel. Set us up nicely for a few hours relaxing on Varna beach!


Sindel, again, in the evening after a few hours trying to catch the fleeting sun on the beach and 44189 on the 1655 Varna to Shumen is captured alongside BDZ Cargo’s 46026 on a cereal train destined for the Karnobat line.

bdz-45172-bulmarket-86235-bm-46026 A thorn amongst roses. From left 45172 is working the 1815 Varna – Rus, 86235 is awaiting an EA to go on the top and work forward whilst the crew of 46026 were still awaiting authority to depart.

bm-87025-sindel-0917Thats better! 87025 had worked inside the EA from Ruse on the daily Bulmarket departure to Plovdiv and is seen here as the EA is removed to run round and go on top of the other end of the train. ‘025 would appear to be a preferred machine for Bulmarket (on this train at least!) as thats three times for it and zero for 017/023 or the elusive monster that is “Noine”.


The Bulmarket had arrived just in time to catch the last light. Shortly it had left the sun was truly setting and by the time 44062 arrived fifteen minutes later on the 1825 Varna to Karnobat the floodlights were on to offer what illumination was available. A bit unfortunate that the blue intermodal wagons on the right were the OBB Train as I’d have liked a picture of 1116 035 but the length of the train meant it wasn’t stopped somewhere where this was really possible, particularly as we weren’t sure how far away our delayed train back to Varna was. Made do with this view of ‘062 which I quite like anyway!


Really like this! 87033 stands at Razdelna in a combination of first natural light and the station floodlights before they were turned off. Expect ‘033 would be the inside loco on the days Ruse given where it was and a 40 was lingering around too.


Karnobat now and EA 3013 arrives on a long train of Cargovans which appeared to be a transit train from Turkey to Romania (and beyond).


Part two (“soon”!) will see largely Pirdop and Sofia views under more clouds!

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