Bulgaria September 2017 (Part 2)

September trip to Bulgaria, this is part two

87004-pirdop-270917After hours behind 46235 from Karnobat through lots of low cloud and rain it was no surprise to see a complete lack of blue sky at Pirdop, but at least it was dry. Looking superbly workstained – like a freight loco should – 87004 was sitting in the ‘buffer stop’ position at the station end of the BZK stabling siding.

db-bg-232663-pirdopDB Ludmilla 232663 (crudely carrying nonsense 07663 number) was in charge of the heavy DB shunts out the Works into the exchange sidings. Here it is seen in the east end headshunt with a portion of the copper ore empties which form part of one of the BZK departures and end up in Burgas.

bzk-40-0733-87019-pirdopAnd here we are, the amended 2017 BZK operation out of Pirdop sees more trains – but lower weights which means that even more are in the hands of a ’40’ with sevens reduced to being helper locos , such as 87019 here inside 40-0833, with the Razdelna departures now only booked for pairs – the Burgas copper goes with two on the front and one on the back, but they had enough 40s around to cover the rear of that train too…

87003-pirdop-270917Waiting patiently were 87003, 87007 and behind the Sulzer, 87020 on hand at Pirdop.

db-bg-3012-86012-pirdopDB mainline action at Pirdop is now reduced to trains to and from Chelopech, here EA 3012 has been brought out the yard and is ready to head light to Chelopech where it would pilot a 232 and a loaded train back to Pirdop. The entire train is then put away and split to Pirdop and Burgas portions, the latter of which departs in the early hours. 92034 was parked over the far side of the yard, workings for these locos now being far more flexible than previous years.

bzk-87012-pirdop-27091787012 having arrived behind 40-0467 is waiting to be picked up by the shunter after working a train of empty box wagons in from the Sofia direction.

87012-87004-pirdop-270917-1Naturally they only really wanted the ’40’ which was put straight onto another train, 87012 was shunted here next to 87004 and parked up for an hour or so.

PirdopNot entirely sure what all this was all about other than being midst a “big Pirdop pointless shunt” 87012/87010/87029 pose on the front of a 40 and the last Razdelna departure of the day, the 40 would work forward solo with the crew somewhat unimpressed that departure time came and went without any sign of the sevens being moved out the way.

bdz-46208-sofiaBack to BDZ and Sofia was awash with 46’2s which have largely returned to service after many being out of service earlier in the year – with BDZ having a handful of 150km/h timed trains now they need them – although how long that will last is anyones guess! 46208 is getting ready to head east on the 1330 Sofia Burgas.

bdz-61003-zaharnaThe ‘flatiron’ workings down table 500 continue, the 1400 Sofia Dupnica was again in the solid hands of a Cargo-stickered loco, 61003 doing the honors and seen here at Zaharna Fabrika. Mileage move, cough!

bdz-44140-46036-ilyantsi-280917Ilyantsi and as the redcap gives the road to 44140 working the evening Sofia Karlovo local formed of a single German IR coach, 46036 awaits the road over SLW on the Mezdra line to the north.

bm-87009-87025-mezdra-pngNoine! This photo won’t win any awards but it was dark and at silly o’clock but we had waited a long time to finally see this old monster working a train. 87009 & 87025 very briefly pause at Mezdra with a train of oil tanks heading to Ruse. A superb sight as they blazed around the corner into the night!

bdz-45162-sever45162 rolls into Sofia Sever with a local stopper from Mezdra.

bdz-45146-zverino45146 completes station duties at Zverino with the 1700 Sofia to Vidin. 44088 back to Sofia and for me that was the end of another enjoyable visit to this land of real railways. No knowing it all in advance, just waiting for the headlight in the distance and then the real locos and classic stock to come clattering to a stand in front of you. Proper cranking.

Part one from the Varna area is here

Before that a day in Bucharest doing a couple of CFR moves

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