Germany Part 2

A slightly random selection of comings and goings from an extended weekend in Germany

216002 at Goslar after working a charter from Osnabruck. This “hymek engined” loco of Krupp 1960 heritage sounded good and was steaming well, although the rake of mutley six-wheelers wedged with normals did reduce the ability to enjoy too much thrash as it was a bit cold for balcony bellowing!

216 002 at Goslar after running round on arrival

There was a second charter booked to Goslar, a kettlex from Bremen, which had run forward ECS to Bad Harzburg which we had been overtaken by behind 41-096 in the morning… however when the return arrived with 229181 on the front and the kettle on the rear (!) we were soon flapping about enacting a plan B to get what for me at least was another new class in. The “just get on and spend some money in the bar” approval was had and we took the ex-DR hydraulic forward to Hildesheim Yard.

From Hildesheim the charter reversed and ex OBB 1042 520 was the forwarding electric (vice booked 110) taking a circular route via Lerhte and the eastern side of the Hannover avoider. We leapt at Hamburg Harburg to make our way to an earlier than planned pick up of the ‘traintramphotel’ IC to Frankfurt

A welcome development (for me anyway) is the use of OBB 1116s on ‘Gaubahn’ diagrams between Stuttgart and Singen on the Zurich ICs from the timetable change with the addition of lander tickets being accepted. Here 1116 273 waits the tip at Boblingen.

Quite a few hours after we leapt at Boblingen it hadn’t really stopped snowing. We fell onto GES ‘crocodile’ E94 088 working top and tail with a kettle between Ludwigsburg and Esslingen. Quite a complicated history for this machine as it was DRB E94 088 in wartime Germany but then passed to Austria in the dissolution/division of Nazi Germany becoming OBB 1020 010 until withdrawal. It has semi-regular outings around Stuttgart but was an unexpected bonus!

The E94 again a little later at Bad Cannstatt, it had finally stopped snowing but the damage had been done (at Stansted in fairness) = Flight Home caped! Oh well, needs must…

…I quickly abandoned a warzone like Stuttgart Airport and headed for Munich to position myself for the morning’s Meridian vice turn. At this point I should by rights have just been suffering the Victoria Line to work but today JACKPOT! 139311 on the blocks after working the 0629 from Kufstein. With replacement units undergoing commissioning this is probably my last spin with this vice turn, certainly the last real kick out turn in Western Europe.

Didn’t know anything about this until it rolled in either! MGW’s 183500 on hire to ALEX due to a shortage of their own bent Taurus is seen at Friesing working the 0843 Munich – Hof / Prague. Sadly, the “improvement” by ALEX of these Prague trains is nothing of the sort with them being, shorter rakes, slower in Germany and having catering removed a big loss against a couple of extra train pairs running through.

120157 (with 120143 powering on rear) heads up the 1247 Munich – Karlsruhe which was my taxi back to Stuttgart

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