Kobova Hut’ New Years Eve Specials

Tucked away in the southwest corner of the Czech Republic is an annual event involving special trains between Vimperk and Kubova Hut’ to ferry locals up to the highest station in the country with much merriment. The 2017 event was billed as a music train, albeit I was more interested in the music that would (hopefully) be coming from the 749 on the front! After breaking out of the hotel in Strakonice for the advertised 0617 start, as I got to the station there was an eruption of noise so whilst I couldn’t see it things were looking good! After a bit of shunting, the 708 was put on the rear and 749018 was ready to lead. I had booked a trip in the hope of it producing ‘018 – which has worked in a few previous years – and joined a handful of local cranks in the front coach. Despite the early hour most of the windows were open and as we all know locos sound louder in the dark as we departed Strakonice with the driver clearly enjoying himself!

749018 looking good at Vimperk during a coffee break on the 0617 Strakonice – Kobova Hut’

Acting as a glorified shunting platform on the downhill end was lego brick 708013, seen here in an artic looking Kubova Hut’ ready for the first trundle back down the hill as the 0852 off Kubova Hut’.

I decided to flag one of the middle trips to take some photos and grab lunch, just to the north of Kubova Hut 749018 tails the 1052 Kubova Hut’ to Vimperk. Its nearly all downhill from there to Vimperk but ‘018 had shoved the few hundred metres out the station to the summit.

After a quick pivo and bite to eat I headed back to the same crossing and awaited the return. You could hear 749018 leaving Lipka 6km up the line and it was still wide open here as it approached the summit which was just behind me. It might have been a short series of trips but there was certainly thrash on offer, a climb of over 300m attained.

‘018 again, usual collection of Czech photters were out chasing the train a few of which are just about to dash off somewhere else at high speed!

The reason for the top and tail working (previous years have used a DMU trailer) was that at Kubova Hut’ to allow for the festivities taking place on the platform, the train was pulling foul of the loop. 749018 is seen after its last climb of the day with the 1350 from Vimperk.

Vimperk on the 1452 Kubova Hut’ – Strakonice, where 749018 has been run round and put on top of the shunter to work back to Strakonice. Just in case you needed to see a picture of ‘018 without a guitar strapped to the front of it!

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