Off up the Harz, February 2018

In what is probably a first for me, a post which is steam-focused. After a week in more familiar bashing locations of Czech and Slovak lands (photos soon-ish), we were off to cover a daytrip to the Harz. I don’t really do steam but this network of mini-kettle nonsense is definately valid!

We had arrived in classic DR style with the Eisenbahnmuseum Leipzig organised special which had been worked by 232109 in full DR maroon and 132109 plates. The loco was into DR capital stock in 1974 and remains in traffic for a local private freight operator.

99-7235 was provided for the connecting tour out of Wernigerode up to Brocken. It was a tad chilly on arrival but quite an experience! Further deteroration in weather saw the branch closed the following day, it wasn’t hard to see why despite the place being full of people!

We took a service train back down to Schierke where 99-7240 is watched arriving with the 1339 ex Drei Annen Hohne. It will take water here for the final assault on the mountain whilst we had the more relaxing task of a few beers!

The impressive 2-10-2 kettles are however fairly brutal when the wrong way round as shown here by 99-7235 taking the 1359 Brocken – Drei Annen Hohen away

Options to get home were basically limitied to Berlin or Berlin so it was very very nice of Hectorrail to have provide a big slotter in 182516 rather than the more usual 182517 on the 0621 Stuttgart – Berlin Locomore service.

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