2018 Prague Diesel Season

Just a short post which (hopefully) will be replaced by a lot more from the trip – a long weekend to ned around and enjoy some of the grumpy action that is to offer this year, 749006/749121/749259 all out this weekend. Hopefully 749107/749253 will join the party later in the year when they are released from repairs too.


The first departure from Praha is the KZC service to Rakovnik which is on a much extended running season this year, running Sat/Sun until the end of September. 749006 was doing the honours, seen here rolling into Hlavni.


Meanwhile 749121 has come off the Cercany route (now worked by silent junk 749264) and gained itself a Praha – Breznice weekend cycle train. Despite quotes of suburban stock, it is (currently) at least being worked with a full brake and two ex-FC compo coaches, which is more than acceptable. Seen here pausing at Pribram with Saturday’s 0845 Praha – Breznice…


…and here on arrival at Breznice. After a stagger to Beroun the driver remembered where the handle was and was thoroughly enjoyable for the rest of the day. We were the only people on the train into Breznice (a few more going back) perhaps indicative of how much there isn’t to do in the seven hour turnaround!


KZC’s second train pair (to be later joined by a third from June) runs from Prague to Mseno and was using 749259 seen here at Vsetaty with the 0830 Vrsovice – Mseno. Driver was a maniac (shorts, bald head and sunglasses always being good signs!) too, needs to be given the task of future railtours!


And bringing the day to a close ‘259 back at Vrsovice after bringing in the 1700 ex Mseno.

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