Long Weekend Czech and Slovak

Friday – well Thursday night once Stansted had repaired a hole in the runway – to Monday around the 7th April  featuring some usual suspects!

240068 poses in the sun at Bratislava after working in from Nove Zamky in the morning rush

Pezinok is disturbed by ZSSK Cargo 240015 storming north on a mixed freight

240075 was the only one winner scored after the man in charge put 240073 on the one train is RA in from Surany! Seen here after eventually making Bratislava 40L on the 0523 off Kosice, which it would have re-engined from Zvolen. Most Zvolen R trains were again being worked by goldfish vice the booked 362s, with more ZSSK Vectrons arriving you would expect this to perhaps be the last year of long distance semi-fast trains for these Skoda veterans. Yellow Vectron 193227 waits with the 1247 Bratislava – Praha and was our move onwards.

We leapt at Brno to cover this as there had been sporadic reports on the spreadsheet of the 1444 Blansko dropping a 210 rather than the booked 242. ‘023 was duly caned in to Zidenice – its the forth day we’ve had this one whilst winner 210052 laughed at us from the stabling point! We were planning to go further, but the spreadsheet suggested we needed to get to Prague earlier than doing this out and back would have permitted…

As is the law, 242273 was also out at Brno and seen here departing with the 1430 Tisnov – Vranovice

This brought some cheers! Decin’s heritage pet 141012 was having one of its days working R trains to and from Praha for reasons only known to the engine controller and rolls into Hlavni with the ECS for the 1851 Decin. It had been reported out on the first leg of this diagram and we weren’t particuarly confident it would have stuck until this, but it did so a very welcome entry in the book having previously seen countless photos of it – usually just before and after we arrive


The first departure from Praha is the KZC service to Rakovnik which is on a much extended running season this year, running Sat/Sun until the end of September. 749006 was doing the honours, seen here rolling into Hlavni.


Meanwhile 749121 has come off the Cercany route (now worked by silent junk 749264) and gained itself a Praha – Breznice weekend cycle train. Despite quotes of suburban stock, it is (currently) at least being worked with a full brake and two ex-FC compo coaches, which is more than acceptable. Seen here pausing at Pribram with Saturday’s 0845 Praha – Breznice…


…and here on arrival at Breznice. After a stagger to Beroun the driver remembered where the handle was and was thoroughly enjoyable for the rest of the day. We were the only people on the train into Breznice (a few more going back) perhaps indicative of how much there isn’t to do in the seven hour turnaround!

We headed back to Zdice as there appeared to be some sort of bananas going on at the Museum (old shed that looks like a scrapyard) and eventually got involved in this bonkers formation on a 1350 Zdice – Breznice charter. We were somewhat astounded when we found out that a) this is acceptable for a 48km tour, b) it was going where we had to get back to for 749121 anyway and c) the timings worked for said move! The loco was 702621 marked as Buzuluk Koramov Cement Works, and was vice the Museums regular 702581 which failed before departure. Here at Bratkovice 702621 was also deciding to have a rest having rather predictably boiled over on the climb from Zdice. It did make it eventually – top Czech fun!


KZC’s second train pair (to be later joined by a third from June) runs from Prague to Mseno and was using 749259 seen here at Vsetaty with the 0830 Vrsovice – Mseno. Driver was a maniac (shorts, bald head and sunglasses always being good signs!) too, needs to be given the task of future railtours!

We leapt off ‘259 to head back on 163094 working the 0839 Usti Zapad – Kolin, helpfully closing my Decin 163 account in the process. Both the stopper and semi-fast trains along here are all booked 163s now after a swap around with some Ceske Trebova engines

Sunday shoving at Usti Zapad with 704005 pushing Strekov bound departures to the Elbe Bridge, here attaching to the 1403 Lysa n L

More micro-rod action! This one was reported on the spreadsheet on the Usti Strekov to Zubrnice pres line, where it appears to share the workings with a M131 cart. Seen here at Zubrnice very close to the German border.

And 702094 at Strekov after working the 1500 off Zubrnice back down the hill

Time for a phot of 123011 heading south on a set of hoppers, the influx of ex-passenger 163s has made a dent in the workings for the heritage DC skoda types.


To avoid any reputations around being desperate rod veg we were able to get to Melnik and bring the day to a close with ‘259 back at Vrsovice after bringing in the 1700 ex Mseno

754030 a regular performer on Trutnov 750’7 turns brings the 0855 Trutnov – Praha into Hradec Kralove. Usually it would be ripped here for a 163 but today the Goggles were working to Chlumec n C where it was a bus forward to Podebrady, therefore thwarting my track scratch on the way out.

742094 at moves book destroying shack Hradec Kralove Slezske Predmesti with a local trip working which had been brought out of the facility behind the trees.

and that was that, 750707 at Bubny-Vltavska temporary platform (line to Masarykovo shut) on the 1705 Rakovnik taken to Velaslavin for the 119 bus to the airport.

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