DB May Day BH

Quick trip to Germany to cover some 111 & 143s with these classes now well in terminal decline…

db-111105-kolnIn bright morning sunshine, 111105 rolls into Koln Hbf with the 0818 Aachen – Siegen RE9. Most of these services have now reverted to hauled sets as the evidently unsuccesful introduction of “hamster” carts is about to be abandoned altogether with a small fleet of 146’0 due at Aachen to replace the mixture of carts/111 & 120 diagrams. 146005/006 were out with further reinforcements awaited so the 111 hands on for now.

db-111127-dusseldorfOver at Düsseldorf the Dortmund – Aachen via Wuppertal and Monchengladbach circuit remains a bastion of solid 111 haulage as shown by 111127 arriving with the 1313 ex Dortmund

db-146271-deutzKoblenz ‘bridge leaps’ are now largely limited to Traxx as 146271 is seen here arriving with an evening Aachen-Hamm

db-143141-143181-darmstadtAfter a pleasant Sunday morning run south along the Rhine, 143181 brought me from Mainz to Darmstadt where winner 143141 was waiting on the next RB 75 working. These workings should be lost at the December TT change and its hard to see a future for any of these “trabbis” elsewhere.

DB-114036-HanauIt had been a long time since I’d done any moves around Frankfurt and it has certainly changed! Hanau and Fulda circuits are in the hands of 114s – 114036 is seen arriving into Hanau from Fulda – cascaded in from Berlin a couple of years ago, displacing the previous local 111s. I only saw a single 111 move whereas there used to be more than you could count. The Twindexx EMU invasion is near complete and has hammered Frankfurt’s hauled workings.


I’d wandered across to Hanau as a local facebook page had advertised shuttles to an open day at the museum. 294651 was doing the honours on a couple of biscuit tins and is seen prior to pushing the 1430 deprture out, probably 1km round trip just about! It appeared quite a refined set up so may well be regular?


The museum had enough to entertain me for a quick nose, around the turntable were 212062 (red), 212001 & whatever V36 406 is. You’d have thought the 212s would be easier to use on shuttles than borrowing a DB 294, but what do I know! There were a couple of other shunters knocking around the place too.


Boom! The Flixtrain (nee Locomore) produces again with 182504 seen here arriving into Frankfurt Sud where I leapt on for a run to Darmstadt. The coaches have gone green as part of the tie up with Flixtrain and the old HKX service. Train was load 8 and wedged so hopefully will manage to keep going. If you can quite make it out, yes the loco does say “Mr Potato Head” under the numbers!! Hector are part of the same group as GBRf so presumably thats come from their influence…

db-245020-FF-WestThe last time I did the Frankfurt commuters it was still 218s on n-wagen! No longer with a small batch of 245 to cover the two trains. The stock has changed but the move hasn’t as I harvested 245019/245016 out on the 1644 before an S-bahn from upstairs back for 245020 and 245017 on this the 1716 Frankfurt-Stockheim

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