Emergency Trip for a 644!

This years Sudbahnmusuem summer open day at Murzzschlag saw the Slovenian’s convinced to send a 644 from Ljubljana and despite fairly late notice a plan was drafted to get out there for it largely thanks to Ryanair having a dirt cheap flight to Linz available the previous day.

Our afternoon was taking Taurus power south from Salzburg on the scenic run via the Tauern south across the Apls. 1116 163 was the power, arriving at Freilassing with the 0818 Frankfurt – Klagenfurt / Zagreb. This is basically the only great international train pair left running north-south between Germany and the Balkans. 1116 163 here would work to Klagenfurt (1116 083 on rear detached at Salzburg), 1216 143 from Villach to Dobova and a HZ 1142 for the final leg to Zagreb.

With a whipped set of traincrew it was a most enjoyable run with 644016 from Ljubljana via Graz enjoying the sounds of the roots blown 12-645 power unit.

There was even some sun as we arrived at Murzzuschlag! The 644 then trundled off to the open day which housed a few bits however it was busy and I didn’t have enough patience to wait for photos when the pub beckoned!

Very orange 1142 635 arrived on the rear of a charter from Budapest (one of three!) with a Nostalgiezug Vienna portion. This is now a privately owned loco registered to whoever “D-PLOK” are and was vice the advertised 1141.

All the bloody way to the top of Austria and this is here! 47375 had worked a continental rail services charter from Budapest which had laid over from the previous night and as the heavens opened is seen getting ready to lead its 1554 Murzzuschlag – Budapest return charter. It was a mega money operation with a coach of brits, fair play to them but for me it was to join 86218 at Keleti in flagging UK locos abroad!

We’d planned to take the 644 back to Graz before heading to the hotel in Vienna but with the weather not fit for bellowing and signalling problems delaying service trains changed our plan to leap on this lash up of M61 001 leading MAV chuff 424 247 and OBB 1142 635 back instead. All three powered up to Semmering, the electric then doing most of the “work” rolling downhill to Wiener Neustadt where we leapt for an IC in as the splitting of the Vienna portion took something daft like two hours to do the last stretch! Having diesel, steam and electric on the front was certainly new for me.

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