CD July Weekend

Another long weekend around Prague, because its just the right thing to do! Brought a summer 7-day all line for a ridiculously cheap £27 even though it was only a three day trip.

Off the plane and a leap to Holesovice on the metro to cane in 162054 on the 0926 Decin – Praha. Nice to get this in the book to clear the pool as all the weekend trains are units so these can be a bit of a pain to have.

Table 226 from Veseli n L to Ceske Velenice has gained summer hauled workings this year rather than the usual carts due to the privatisation of other workings off Bud so with new track on offer and also a pair of new goggles shown on the spreadsheet we headed south for the afternoon. 754027 on the 1337 off Veseli was taken to Trebon, nice green full brake too!

It was a bit duller two hours later when we returned from Pivovar Regent to have 754024 on the opposite turn seen here on the left working the 1537 Veseli – Velenice whilst 754027 waits on the 1521 off Velenice. There isn’t that many goggles left in this attractive blue, yellow and white livery either now and these two are fairly elusive being in Ceske Bud’s summer only pool which is reguarly bailed out by Prague locos too.

Back on more regular territory and 749121 arrives at Prague with the “Cyclo Brdy” empties passing 111006 on station pilot duties which was awaiting the arrival of a very late Kosice overnight.

‘121 at Breznice after working the 0846 from Prague. With six and a bit hours to kill our move this time was to go forward on a unit to Pisek for lunch before retiring in Breznice’s Herold Brewery tap before having 121 back to Prague. Despite being the same load as earlier in the season the train was never more than comfortably full.

Sunday had a limited choice of moves due to an early evening flight and only two 749s out – the Rakovnik was a 740 and the Jicin cancelled due to engineering work. So 749006 on the 0830 Vrsovice – Mseno was taken as far as Melnik, seen here running around over the crossing at the south end of the station.

With colourful Bmx trailers in tow rather than the more usual KZC compos, ‘006 trudles out of Melnik and over the pointwork to take the Mseno branch working the 0830 Praha – Mseno.

Not that many moves out of Melnik so we took a 163 to Usti nad Labem Zapad where AWT had 742507 and 720604 posing outside the station rather than inside the chemical plant behind which was helpful for a quick phot.

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