2018 Canoex 210 Gala

Hellfire! 210s at Vyssi Brod, 24 Aug 18

With another Czech trip booked, we were keeping a keen eye on the timetable on table 195 to see if there was any sign of a special timetable for watersports events taking place along the line. A few weeks before, a number of additionals surfaced around the booked services which are now formed of the previous two-hourly branch set with a 210 and additional DMU workings between Ceske Bud and Lucovice which have been added to the timetable using carts released from lines in the area lost to private operators. We covered Friday 24 August which wasn’t the full day of the event but was still more than enough entertainment.

Class 210 workings for this years event were:

  • 210045 on the regular branch turns between Rybnik, Vyssi Brod and Lipno
  • 210023/210055 top and tail on the 1219 Bud-Vyssi Brod then Lipno shuttles
  • 210039/210059 top and tail on the 1709 Bud-Vyssi Brod then second shuttle set for weekend
  • 210057 2020 Bud-Horni Dvoriste to then be the branch set for Saturday

After an early start from Prague with a 362, 242 & 1116 step down move it was only the regular trains running when we arrived. After a lunch break, 210045 was taken to Lucovice on the 1304 Rybnik – Lipno seen here deaprting for the last leg up to the end of the line.

We’d spotted a viewpoint just south of Lucovice zastavka and wandered there for the passing of 210045 heading back on the 1414 Lipno – Rybnik

Shortly after it was the arrival of the first additional set as having worked down on the 1209 from Ceske Bud, 210023 bounced around the corner working the 1404 Vyssi Brod – Lipno, again seen at Lucovice zastavka

Now uniquely liveried and somewhat weatherbeaten, 210055 was on the rear. A welcome sight as I’d only previously had this machine on a shunt release move so a station to station move takes it off the dubious list!

After a quick visit to a local hostelry for a Kozel, 210055 whines out of Lucovice zastavka working the 1534 Lipno – Vyssi Brod. Absolutely mad train formation of a full brake and decker for the coming canoes!

A quick walk south allowed an extra photo of 210023 tailing the 1534 off Lipno as it was held outside of Lucovice awaiting the westbound service to enter the loop. This is a Brno loco sent on loan for the weekend as Plzen were presumably not able to cover the requirement themselves and obviously it was ‘023 given the honor as Brno’s pet 210. It’s not quite as immaculate as in previous years but certainly in a different league to the Plzen locos for external condition!

210045 then headed back again on 1526 Vyssi Brod – Lipno, seen at the junction for the now unused connection into Lucovice Paper Mill. This was really the 1504 off Rybnik but they had spilt the service now presumably to allow flexibility in the event of large numbers of canoes as this set only had a half brake so reduced capacity for boats. On the Saturday this set would only shuttle between Rybnik and Vyssi Brod with two additional sets carrying full brakes between Vyssi Brod and Lipno.

This still comes across as a hellfire sight to me! 210023 on the 1604 Rybnik – Lipno waits for 210045 1614 Lipno – Rybnik to enter the loop at Lucovice

210055 in flat evening light before departure on the 1734 Lipno to Vyssi Brod. Things were picking up now with beer and food stalls across the river which we availed ourselves of and wandered across the dam during the turnaround. The Vltava dam is used to control water flow for some of the more extreme runs.

210023 has just arrived on the 1734 off Lipno at Vyssi Brod as 210045 departed on a late running 1726 Vyssi Brod – Lipno giving this excellent view of two side-by-side. In the unlikely event he sees this, many thanks to the young driver of 210023 who helpfully turned his headlights on after seeing us dash for this phot!

210055 on the rear of the 1804 Vyssi Brod to Lipno at Certova Stena. The white water course largely ends here and the canoes on the platform couldn’t be fitted onto this service. By the time of the next train the platform was again full. No doubt this otherwise sleepy halt sees more traffic on these weekends than the rest of the year combined!

Sadly the day was over for us with 210045 1834 Lipno – Rybnik taking us back to the mainline. At Vyssi Brod we passed 210039 (210059 on rear) arriving on the 1709 Ceske Bud – Vyssi Brod which would go forward on the 1854 Vyssi Brod – Lipno. This was the second shuttle set for the weekend.

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