Rakovnik Day Out, Fri 28/09/18

Well, this was unexpected!!

Bank Holiday weekend in Czecho, so set for a day out to Jicin as the additional trains were all running and (IMO) thats the best turn out of the bunch overall.

Errrrrr….. Well I was going to Jicin! 749039 on the 0825 Praha – Rakovnik somewhat changed my plan. The AZD Praha privately owned loco is now usually seen on test trains (and not many of them) but turned up. I was only on the first coffee after flying in late the night before and had to stare for a while before I believed it! 749259 us in the Jicin again formed of btx open trailers, somewhere in the bin you can see the days plan.

Due to double engineering work on the more usual routes for the train, we were routed east out of Praha Hlavni then up the Decin mainline to Kralupy nad Vltavou and then across to Kladno where ‘039 is seen here before running around. The Beroun-Rakovnik booked route is long term closed and additional engineering work between Hostivice and Kladno also kiboshed the secondary option that has been used for much of this year by KZC.

Upon arrival at Rakovnik 742192 was trundling around with some shiny tank wagons.

749039 running round on arrival at Rakovnik, further photos were somewhat thwarted by the 742’s wagons being screwed down next to the stock.

Five and a half hours in Rakovnik was somewhat long, so a convenient excuse to drop back to Luzna and stroll round the CD Museum which I’d never done. This prototype Co-Co electric 180001 was almost certainly a winner for sight as a result! Its mate 180002 also survives and is in Chomutov, according to wikipedia.

There was a fine amount of diesel and electric traction on display including the entire side opposite the roundhouse. Here 781600, 735286, 751148 & 770001 catch some sun. Nearly everything is serviceable as far as I know, possibly not the 770 though – I didn’t even know they had it! The narrow gauge track in the foreground is available for rides with some ex-mining locos, I passed as it was literally a hornby starter set circle of track!

Illustrating the difference between ‘maly’ and ‘velky’ Hektors, 720139 and 721190. 720058 was also in attendance, being worked on outside the small maintenance shed.

753101 and blue ‘parrot’ kettle 477043 in light steam wait for departure time onto mainline metals with emcars for a adex off Decin the following day. One of the other kettles was also brewing up for a local trundle on the Saturday.

A new toy is 751148 which is seen gleaming in its new coat of paint being fresh off overhaul just a few weeks before. I believe its a former CD Cargo loco which had laid dormant – not sure if the museum need another (to go with 001, 002, 004, 008, 010, 250 currently under some form of national preservation!) but I’ll certainly have no complaints. One to make a further appearance on this site in 2019 hopefully. It has a steam pipe but don’t know if thats for show or the boiler is also operable.

After a beer 750708 turned up to goggle me back on the 1343 Kladno – Rakovnik, which should have been the 1305 from Masarykovo by rights bar the massive amount of vyluky taking place.

749039 atop the 1603 Rakovnik – Praha at Stochov where we had a short wait to pass a unit going the other way. It had been seven years since I’d had (only a short) blast on this machine so nice to get such an unexpected run with it as it’s certainly been shy of passenger trains for most of the time since.

After running round again at Kladno ‘039 ready to head over to Kralupy and then back into Prague. The weather was closing in and some entertaining thunderstorms developed later on! 750708 alongside is ready for its next shuttle to Rakovnik.

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