Slovakia late December


In the midst of a massive rainstorm, “Cargo” 383202 arrives at Zilina on the 0807 Kosice – Bratislava alongside 163111 which was being prepped for a local departure. This Vectron is one of three 383/2 that had been returned from ZSSK lease to ZSSK Cargo but is yet to be re-vinyled and had stuck back onto passenger duties so was duly scooped.


A little later and 751191 formed up a short breakdown train in Zilina Yard. I didn’t see what had been thrown off the road requiring the assistance of this monster.


Double-Skoda 131062/131061 head north through Kysucke Nove Mesto with a train of empty box hoppers


162007 is one of right remaining at ZSSK with most others now being coverted to dual voltage 361s. Its fairly fresh out of overhaul at Prerov and now has a sticker number on the side rather than the old, or even replacement plastic, plate. Seen at Zilina prior to working the 1554 Ruzomberok


Main reason for being in Slovakia was for the Vrutky Museum’s Christmas outing on 29 December. Ex-CD 749246 is seen at Kralovany after shunting to the branch platform on an 0812 Vrutky – Trstena charter. A nice new one for me this.


749246 midway up the branch at Oravsky Podzamok, carrying a plate of its original form as 752011. This loco and sister 749248 are old Jesenik locos now preserved by spolok výhrevne vrútky but sadly only get out a couple of times a year.


749248 on the rear at Oravsky Podzamok.


749246 at Trstena ready to work the return which included a lunch break at Oravsky Podzamok to visit the local brewpub which was convenient.


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