February 2019 Grumpy Railtour

Another winter Schwartz-ex and associated fix in the snow…


Saturday saw 749107 fixed vice goggle on the 0913 Praha Vrsovice – Tanvald and 1550 return including two chartered compo coaches which were shunted to lead both ways, seen here ready to head back to Praha.


Sunday morning was near whiteout for many hours, 749121 had worked from Praha via Rudna and Beroun here to Chrast u Plzne where we had an additional photostop due to waiting for a unit. Said unit was caped when it arrived here and its few passengers put on the tour to go up the Radnice line.


Stupno, half way up the branch and another long stop whilst the dug the points out to run the engine round (using that track on the left under the snow) – the snow was heavy enough that by the time it had run round you could no longer see the rails it had covered.


We did manage Radnice! 121 prior to running round. This tour was planned to be Retrolok’s 749146 however it had traction motor issues before the tour so ‘121 was substituted albeit not the best its ever been driven, unfortunately.


Late afternoon and still the snow was falling, here at an artic looking Pobezovice the final reversal of the day before an overnight stop at Klatovy


Next morning saw the sun out for the run from Klatovy to Zelzna Ruda which was new track for the class to me. At a very, very snowy Spicak we stopped for photos as the goggle coming the other way was late – no surprise in these conditions! Yes the snow drifts here were taller than me!


749121 in Germany (just) having popped over the border to run round. The German end of the station is Bayerisch Eisenstein whilst the loco is about to cross back to the Czech end which known as Železná Ruda-Alžbětín. There are markings on the platform which most of the tour was involved in selfies with marking the border.


A cross-country route back to Praha included Pisek Mesto


and the branch across to Horni Cerekev where we waited a path on to Jihlava and Haviluckuv Brod

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