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1527 depart Kobenhaven H with a westbound service

3010 Osterport. These electrics retain two diagrams on Ringsted stoppers, most of the class now being in Bulgaria.

The EA electrics and ME diesels share similar body characteristics as seen here at Osterport with 1508 departing before 3007 would follow it out.

The newer red livery does look smart, if a bit bland. 1531 sits at Naestved prior to working back to Kobenhaven via the new line through Koege Nord. These trains avoid the usual bashing corridor of Valby/Hoeje Taastrup/Roskilde so a little unhelpful although most go out one way and back the other so can still be picked up without resorting to Kopenhaven tunnel leaps.

Late evening sun at Roskidle with 1532 in fairly smart old colours. Some of teh blue locos are a right mess with stickers, vinyl, paint and/or graffiti all over the show.

1520 powers away on the next departure, think this was going to Holbaek.

MY 1135 leading MY 1101 inside the DSB at Odense after working a charter from Odense. The nose of MY1129 which is positioned outside the main roundhouse which is full of old stuff. MY 1112 is inside with its side stripped away to show its internals and MZ 1401 was the only other mainline diesel on site.

MY 1135 and MY 1101 departing Aarhus after working the return charter. MY 1101 is unsilenced and a complete animal, I thought the Kosovan ones were decent but this loco is something else and well worth a go now it has hopefully returned to charter operation – this was the DSB museums first advertised charter for a few years.

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