Poland June 2019

A long overdue return for a long weekend based in Warsaw covering some narrow gauge lines, hired MRCE Vectron and usual selection of EU07s.

First port of call was a cart out to Rogow to cover the narrow gauge which was operating due to it being a holiday weekend. After an hour of absolutely nothing happening Lxd2-264 emerged from the shed to work the 1035 Rogow Osob – Jezow where it is seen here running round.
Lxd2-264 poses at Rogow Osob with the lunchtime KWRRB departure for Jezow. This is very accessible from the Warsaw-Lodz mainline which is out of sight to the left. Very pleased to get this Lxd2 Maybach rather than their other working loco which is a glorified lawnmower!
Due to a shortage of their own Taurus currently able to operate in Germany, PKP have hired MRCE 193626 to work a Berlin-Warsaw trainpair daily. Here it brings the empties for the 1559 Berlin into Warsaw Wschodnia
New(ish) PESA diesel junk SU160-003 arrives at Radzyn Podlaski with the 0839 Warsaw Zach – Chelm. This was “only” 80L, we had leapt off the one that should have been three hours in front on a plus 15 after a complete BLS tour of freight lines between Warsaw and Minsk M including a run round due to some farce on the mainline.
Still PKP’s core workhorses, EU07-325 arrives at Wschodnia with a Gydnia to Krakow TLK.
New to traffic in 1967, EU07-013 pauses at Wschodnia still in frontline service with the 0815 departure from Świnoujście New to traffic in 1967, EU07-013 pauses at Wschodnia still in frontline service with the 0815 departure from Świnoujście.
EP09-019 is one of now few locos which retain variants of the national livery which a number were painted in last year to celebrate the centenary of the Second Polish Republic’s foundation. Its worked the 0557 Ostrava Svinov – Warsaw Wschodnia which includes a full PKP resturant wagon before the more usual CD rake.
Lxd2-465 at Piaseczno Miasto with the Saturday afternoon trip down the remnants of a once large 750mm network south of Warsaw, which a connecting bus from Centralna helpfully operates for each Saturday. It runs as far as Szczaki Złotokłos, run round, forward to a field where everyone has a BBQ/drive engine/drinks for a few hours before returning. This one has a Polish built WOLA power unit as is much louder than the Maybach one sampled at Rogow.
EP07-544 has EP07-390 dead inside for a trip on the 0821 Warsaw Zachodnia to Brest. The Polish locos work throughout over dual gauge track in Belarus.

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