MAV Balaton Retro Diesel Gala Weekend

This summer, MAV organised two “retro” weekends on table 29 around the north shore of Lake Balaton. Despite only a few weeks notice, a plan was hatched to get over for the second over the first weekend of August 2019. These weekends have replaced the previous years use of booked summer M61 or M62 power on certain trains and instead concentrate things into gala weekends. Roll on the 2020 event hopefully!

M40 114 at Aszofo on Saturdays’ 0908 Tapolca – Balatonfured stopper, vice DMU. This loco was not in the best of health and staggering around, so was looped here for the Nohab it should have made at Balatonfured.
Said Nohab, M61 019 in a shiny coat of orange paint, at Tapolca prior to working the 1238 Zahony. As usual the majority of Hungarian interest was aimed at this loco. On the left is 418126 which had worked the Pecs-Tapolca turn.
Remaining trains were in the hands of usual M41 Ganz. 418148 has 418149 dead inside on the 1438 Tapolca – Budapest. I had planned to be on this rather than alongside as winner ‘149 had been dragged down from Szekesfehervar to work it, but had duly blown up at departure time so ‘148 was taken off a later departure and bolted back on to drag it back just like it had brought it down!
M62 194 in full retro livery, complete with heritage painted stock, is seen near Tapolca on the last stretch of the 0649 ex Zahony’s journey.
The ‘classic’ M62 was provided by M62 089 which departs Tapolca on the 1540 Budapest. The genny van is tucked inside to supply the EMU-trailer style coaches which are the usual summer stock for these trains. It also helped the passengers avoid suffocation from the amount of thick black clag being produced in some fine Sergei style.
Sunday now and after spinning some electrics on the south side I did the boat move across, M62 194 is seen again between Badascony and Badacsonylábdihegy on the 0649 Zahony – Tapolca.
Due to M40 114’s inept performance, M40 209 was sent down to do most of the work. The pair are seen at Balatonfured paired nose-to-nose prior to working the 1740 Tapolca local. Hungarian wikipedia reckons that M40 209 is actually ex M40 225. Either way it sounded much louder too.
The M40s at Revfulop crossing an M41.
MAV even got into the spirit of it with M41 allocations, M41 165 was a nice kick out on the 1838 Tapolca – Budapest having run to Tapolca ECS. As a Hatvan loco i’m not entirely sure how it managed to get involved, but here it is rolling into Badascony.

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