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A few days into the former Soviet Union itself with a flight to Kiev then heading for the diesel areas around Chernivtsi for Chemelaks and Ivano Frankivsk/Kolomyia for M62 and the massive 2TE10s.

After a fast car into town and a few beers with dinner, ChS4-054 was to open the account on our overnight out of Kiev. The loco was built at Skoda, Plzen and is a rebodied of what were giant soviet Co-Co of the goldfish, 6800hp on tap and passed for 160kmh. As with everything in this part of the world they are not exactly lightweight at a mere 132t! All of those still in service I believe are rebuilt into this more boxy form.
M62-1260 at Chernivtsi with the 0830 to Sokiyany. This is a slightly bizarre train in that it runs to the town on the Ukraine/Moldova border, but has to pass into Moldova on two separate occasions beforehand such is the history in this part of the world. I’m sure that this loco being in Ukraine colours with big letters on the side has nothing to do with this at all! M62-1260 is certainly the regular on this turn, nailed on for all three days we viewed the train and plenty of internet evidence showing not a lot else in recent times.
Thats more familiar! ChME-3084 pauses in the rather sinister morning for at Luzhany whilst working the third of four morning Chernivtsi hauled northbound departures, the 0900 Stefaneshty. Sadly we only had a short move on this one as it was unsilenced, although barely taxed on load 2 and low linespeeds. The downside of this area was no need to drive anything above a couple of notches.
Looking lovely at at Vyzhntsya after working the morning train from Chernivtsi, ChME3-2652. The last part of this branch was a right stagger and with the seats consisting of park style wooden benches with a metal bar for a back ‘support’ we were more than ready to head into town for beer and pizza!
Next day and we covered the Stefaneshty branch with ChME3-7369 before stepping into Kolumyia “DMU country”. The depot is, on paper, DMU only! However they have mashed a number of push-pull sets together with half an 2M62 and some former EMU cars. The only issue is, the M62 here carries DPL-0011 and no reference to its former self. Thankfully some gen was on hand and this is 2M62-1113A waiting to work the 1246 Zalishchyky – Kolumyia. As we were doing this for three hours regardless, a loco was very welcome!
2TE10M-2747 (and possibly the other half of that loco, possibly not) trundle into the goods line at Kolumyia with a long mixed freight from Chernivtsi. Everything about these is big.
Chernivtsi’s recently repainted 2TE10-2416A and 2416B pair are probably the only correctly formed pair on a regular basis! They were our power forward to Ivano Frankivsk just as the light died (the town was duly smokescreened by this departing and another pair going through on a freight) working the 1537 Chernivtsi – Odessa. An excellent evening was had in this buzzing town.
The 0810 Ivano Frankivsk – Yaremche produced 2M62-1114A in DPL-0021 guise and is seen here at its destination in the foothills of the Ukrainian Carpathians.
2TE10U-0086B & 2TE10U-0029A arrive at Yaremche with train 149 which was the 1340(!) previous days departure from Kremenchuk to Vorokhta. This was our first taste of the classic Soviet “Platzkart” open couchettes, with semi-compartments open to the corridor which then has forward facing couchettes across the way. Not sure I’d personally fancy an overnight in one!
2TE10-2601A & 2TE10-2827A blacken the skies of Vorokhta departing for the last leg to Rahkiv on the 18p05 Odessa – Rsahkiv. Somewhere after, this would have crossed train 358 coming the other way which was lead by 2TE10-2601B, the other half of this double loco! UZ appear to make absolutely no effort to keep them together, and getting the inside loco can be difficult as the only plate is above the coupler against the stock. We didn’t fail to get any, but not without some difficulty and luck in long station stops at the right time!
2M62-1001B is part of another Kolumyia push-pull set, and is trundling out of Korshiv with the evening Kolumyia – Ivano F stopper. The only timekeeping issue we had was unfolding as they had caused a scene by holding this for a southbound freight, but accepting a northbound freight they then couldn’t hold clear of the crossing, so the DPL set was held for both, meaning our train back was then held too. Its headlights in the dark some 30L were a very welcome sight!
ChME33-7369 at Chernivtsi prior to working the 0913 Vadul Siret. This was our last move before crossing into Romania, a thoroughly enjoyable and trouble free taster of Ukraine completed successfully.

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