2019 Lipno Canoes

August 2019 Event, only four 210s in action due to a crew shortage meaning a bus from Rybnik to Vyssi Brod. All from the Saturday, had planned to return Sunday, however after spreadsheet hawking some diesels occurred instead which are thrown in here for good measure.

210039, Vyssi Brod Klaster
210058, Certova Stena – Vyssi Brod
210058, Certova Stena – Vyssi Brod
210039, Certova Stena. Canoes waiting for the return upstream service.
210057 (L), 210023 (R), Canoes (R), Loucovice
210057, Loucovice – Loucovice Zast
210057, Loucovice – Loucovice Zast. Let me off for it being in to the sun, its got canoes on FFS!
210039, Loucovice Zast – Loucovice
210052 (L), Canoes (R), Lipno n V
210057, 210058, Loucovice
210052, Vyssi Brod Klaster
210057, Vyssi Brod Klaster
742377, Nymburk Mesto, 0840 Praha Vrsovice – Turnov. Positioning move to get the Cargo 742 back after it had worked in on the Saturday after the booked goggle expired.
After a 150/362/242/814 transfer via Plzen, a long overdue catch up with 749107 which was having a very quiet 2019 season. Seen here at Blatna deputising for 749121 with the afternoon Cyklo Brdy back to Praha. Regular readers will notice the bodged half brake which has been refurbished, shame about the two hoppers behind it.
And just to prove it made it, 107 at Praha! Unfortunately it retreated back to Vrsovice shed for the rest of the year rather than a hoped for regular outing as this showed it worked…

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