Harzer Schmalspurbahnen

First to admit the hypocrisy as never usually one for kettles or tourist orientated narrow gauge, but the Harz lines in East Germany are a worthy exception. Phots from a few trips, have only done Wernigerode to Brocken with the main fleet of 99.23 which are massive 2-10-2 tank engines of a “modern” DR design, built 1954-1956 by VEB Lokomotivbau “Karl Marx” Babelsberg.

199861 has a spin on the turntable which leads to the depot at Wernigerode. At this point I was no doubt expressing a hope that it was coming out vice kettle for our booked charter connection up the hill, but this would have meant a serious reduction in the noise stakes with hindsight!
99-7247 at Brocken. On this occasion you could see for absolutely miles well into what would have been West Germany, little wonder it was a Russian military installation for much of the cold war, which is what saw the railway extended to the top, way beyond the highest village.
This time, couldn’t see a thing! 99-7235 at a bloody freezing Brocken. The line was closed the following day due to the weather.
As that was too far cold we dropped back to Schierke , where 99-7240 is watched arriving with the 1339 ex Drei Annen Hohne. It will take water here for the final assault on the mountain whilst we had the more relaxing task of a few black beers in the station cafe.
2019 saw a summer diesel diagram inserted, unfortunately due to trouble with both steam loco and crew availbility, using one of the ex DR 110s usually only used for shunting and PW duties. 199861 was the regular locos and seen here desciending into Drei Annen Hohne from Brocken.
After a quick run round, ‘Harzkamel’ 199861 heads back to Brocken. My rating of the kettles is confirmed by flagging this for a phot and doing the kettle behind up to Schierke
99-7241 arrives at Drei Annen Hohne from Wernigerode. This 16km will have been almost flat out and the loco will take on water here.
99-7241 departing Schierke for its assault up to the top of the Brocken.
99-7232 and 199872 prepare to stable up for the night at Wernigerode. The signal box (and standard DR colour light signalling) underlines that this is still very much more of an operating railway than preservation setup.

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