August 2020, finally, a quick trip

Its been a long six months! Just a weekend trip this but fingers crossed the next six months will be something of a recovery to normal standards…

754012 drags 242221 wrong road into Tisnov on the 0538 Ostrov n O-Breclav service, due an earlier derailment and resultant OHL damage they were dragging between Rikonin and Kurim
363050 is spending August on hire to CD due to a reported shortage of passenger traincrew around Ceske Bud. It is working the 0921 Brno – Plzen away from Protivin. 362s are making inroads onto 242 turns on these interregional services, but I won’t complain too much when it was Cargo on in big letters
Back to basics – 242201 and 242244 cross at Protivin working locals between Bud, Pisek and Razince. There is a significant uplift in hauled stoppers out of Bud now, and the micropanther reliability is as dicey as ever for 4/4 diagrams resulting in regular vice aswell.
751219, sadly silenced, has an annual outing from Ostrava to Mala Moravka for the blueberry festival. This years festival was cancelled due to CV19 however then reinstated on an “unofficial” basis and the tour was back on.
751219 at Svetla Hora half way down the branch pausing to cross the service train, which this summer is being worked by Junior Markets 710466
Which is seen arriving on the 1134 Bruntal – Mala Moravka. The “booked” micro has presumably been deemed underpowered for the branch which is the steepest non-cog standard gauge in CZ.
The booked “pair” of Gorillas on Saturdays 1427 Zilina – Praha (from Bohumin) produced 151027 and 151023 unsurprisingly dead inside.
Dire photo that i wouldn’t usually have bothered with, but six months since some of this sees 749253 at Melnik on the Mseno. Good run too, the assault on Satalice bank out of Vysocany certainly something for sore ears!

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