Some shiny PKP

Currently really struggling to be motivated to upload anything at the moment despite sitting around the entire time, but two colourful locos from Poland are presented here from earlier when we were briefly allowed to go out

In express orange livery, EP08-001 stands at Poznan working one of PKP’s top link services, EIC1800 the 1734 Warsaw Wsch-Szczecin, vice EP09. A fine way to spend the evening in the bar car as we stormed west, September 2020.
In its retro colours, SM42 462 waits departure time at Leba with the afternoon TLK to Warsaw. This steeply graded, heavily forested branch from Lebork to the seaside sees trains for only a short summer season and both diagrams were being worked by unrebuilt SM42s on this day in Aug 2020.

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