Holding page for now whilst I work out what I can / will manage to knock together… Pages will generally be found in a drop down off the top menu bar, either under this heading or the ’87s in Bulgaria’ as appropriate. For now anyway.

Update 12/02/17: DB Bulgaria page updated to reflect loss of Burgas-Pirdop copper flow

**Not all of the below pages are in place yet, but are what I am looking to do. Again, this isn’t a quick project – if you think I can help with anything, drop me a message. Cheers **


Ex-BR Electrics in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Class 87 Page

DB Bulgaria Class 92 Info

BDZ Fleet Stuff

Guide to … Bulgarian Diesels

Guide to … Bulgarian Electrics

Guide to … Bulgarian Narrow Gauge

Foreign tat in Bulgaria

Bulgarian tat in Foreign

BDZ Passenger ( БДЖ – Пътнически превози )

Outline Guide to Bulgarian Railways from a British view(!)

Class 07 Ludmilla Passenger Info

Class 55 Sulzers Passenger Info

Class 61 ‘Single Cab’ Passenger Info


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