BDZ-PP: Class 07

BDZ Class 07 “Ludmilla”

A familiar lump to those who know diesel locos in Germany, the 07 is BDZ’s heavy hauler off the wires.

Of the “Ludmilla family” the BDZ examples are closest to DR 131 / DB 231, being built to the same 100km/h, “NB” no train heat specification. Between 2001 and 2003 five class members were fitted with ETH equipment and reclassified as 07’1, the reclassification simply adding 100 to the running number, so 07106 is ex 07006 etc. Following progressive electrification the class has been run down and just a few passenger workings remain booked.

The passenger fleet is believed to consist of, with locations as best known as of January 2018:
07106 – Varna
07111 – Ruse
07123 – Plovdiv
07124 – Plovdiv
07126 – Gorna
07032 – Ruse
07064 – Gorna O (oos)
07069 – Gorna O (oos)
07084 – Gorna O (oos)

Ruse and Varna locos tend to be moved in the consist of passenger trains to/from Gorna for heavy maintenance and Gorna/Ruse/Varna locos interwork. The Varna and Plovdiv diagrams require an EH loco due to the sleeper/couchette wagon whereas it seems optional on the other trains, although possibly a different picture in winter. It is not believed any boiler vans remain active.


Day 1 Class 07’1 Varna Loco
TCB20950 05.50 Varna – Poveljanovo LD
BV 2637 06.35 Poveljanovo – Dobrich Portion off 2637 22.540 Sofia – Varna
28203 09.15 Dobrich – Varna
28204 15.20 Varna – Kardam
BV 2636 18.50 Kardam – Poveljanovo Portion onto 2626 22.10 Varna – Sofia
TCB20955 23.00 Poveljanovo – Varna LD
Day 3 Class 07’1 Ruse Loco (TBC – PROBABLY CFR GM THROUGH)
MBV 460 16.10 Ruse – Giurgi Nord 09.00 Sofia – Bucharest – (Runs 01.06.18 to 01.10.18 only)
MBV 461 15.10 Giurgi Nord – Ruse 12.45 Bucharest – Sofia (Runs 01.06.18 to 01.10.18 only)
MBV 1470? 00.40 Ruse – Giurgi Nord 17.40 Burgas – Budapest (SUMMER DATED?)
MBV 1471? 04.25 Giurgi Nord – Ruse 11.10 Budapest – Burgas (SUMMER DATED?)
Day 4 Class 07’1 Ruse Loco
BV 9647 05.54 Samuil – Silistra 21.20 ex Sofia
BV 9646 19.20 Silistra – Samuil to Sofia (onto 2626 at Gorna)

Summer 2018:

The Bucharest trains are again in the hands of a CFR engine to/from Ruse so no 07 on Day 3. Trains left in for reference / re-use!

07032 appears to be spending summer 2018 outbased at Levski on 55 turns to Troyan and Svishov and occasionally joined by another 07 as well – see here for likely workings

Additional work may occur vice Desiro between Plovdiv – Peshtera / Panagyurishte however with declining DMU requirements these are now few and far between. Occasional use around Levski has also been reported once or twice (as of 2018 this is now regular!).

The “Istanbul” train pair is expected to go over to an electric in December 2016, when the electrification of the line between Dimitrovgrad and Svilengrad / Kapikule is due to be completed so an electric will presumably be used. BDZ have missed such targets before mind!

The ‘Danube Shuffle’ between Ruse and Giurgi Nord on the Bucharest International is shared between CFR and BDZ on a rotating basis. I believe the current BDZ period runs 2012-2019 however in Autumn 2016 due to an alleged shortage of BDZ engines the CFR loco was again working through. When CFR are operating, the Romanian GM runs through to Ruse. In 2018 the Budapest – Varna/Burgas summer season overnight is reported to be unlikely to operate.

All gen posted in good faith & updates always appreciated – last update July 2018 – up to date as best known for Dec 2017 TT

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