BDZ-PP: Class 55

BDZ Class 55

Whilst most of the passenger fleet is used as station pilots, this is one class that has actually increased its “booked” passenger work in the years we have been visiting.

The place to be to ctach these machines is undoubtedly Levski. Here, Gorna locos have regular passenger work on the two branches off the mainline at Levski, to Svishtov and Trojan. These turns have been running for a fair few years due to a shortage of working DMUs. Locos are based across the county, however only Mezdra and Gorna locos see anything like regular or planned passenger work. Occasional vice turns may also work on other diesel lines or on 07 turns. Gorna locos also work as far away as Varna and Burgas as station pilots, hence the large pool for a handful of diagrams.

From June 2017 UFN, there is now a one day turn between Varna and Kardam covering for low Desiro availablility. A single green B-wagon has been moved across for this train and the turn is in the table below, however it is presumed in the event of Varna having two working carts the vice set will be stepped down.

Mezdra had 1 diagram which shuffled over the “Danube Bridge II” on the International train between Vidin and Golenti (CFR loco fwd to Craiova) however after two years of running the through trains have now been withdrawn and replaced by local CFR Desiros between Vidin and Craiova rather than the Sofia to Budapest through train that had been running.

The passenger fleet – well, Gorna and Mezdra locos – is listed below as best known as of June 2016. A handful more active passenger sector engines are based at Sofia and Plovdiv (and perhaps elsewhere) but do not have passenger work. Plovdiv locos may occasionally work vice DMU or 07, but this is very much the exception rather than the rule. The only vice we have come one we have seen working was 55054 to Asenovgrad, vice 61 which was in turn vice EMU!

  • 55032 – Sofia
  • 55056 – Sofia?
  • 55057 – Sofia (ex Mezdra)
  • 55088 – Gorna (no heat)
  • 55094 – Gorna?? (no heat?)
  • 55116 – Gorna (usually station pilot)
  • 55138 – Gorna
  • 55143 – Gorna
  • 55144 – Gorna
  • 55147 – Sofia (ex Burgas)
  • 55165 – Sofia (ex Mezdra)
  • 55174 – Sofia (ex Mezdra)
  • 55195 – Gorna
  • 55196 – Gorna
  • 55198 – Gorna
  • 55206 – Gorna

The Levski turns below are “booked” hauled to the point that the journey planner does not show as Desiro, however do not blame me if you get bowled! It seems they require four DMUs to cover all the trains and only two are usually available which are used on the Cherkovitsa branch as it requires a reversal. These are swapped to/from Levski by a daytime train pair which works through.

Locos may be moved from Gorna to Varna or Ruse in the consist of service trains, the ‘diagrams’ laid out below are totally unofficial but backed up by observation over a number of trips. Locos may swap at Levski at any time!


May 2020 – 55s are now working more regularly than in previous years between Sofia, Pernik, Kjustendil and Gyueshevo vice DMU. Locos shown as Sofia are presumed.

July 2020 – 55094 has reappeared out of nowhere and is reported as Varna pilot today (1st July)

The Vidin turn ended December 2016 as the service is reverted to a CFR Desiro shuttle and through coaches do not operate. This means Mezdra locos have no booked passenger work.

Day 1
Class 55 Gorna Orj
24220 05.20 Trojan – Levski
24271 (shown DMU) 10.15 Levski – Trojan Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun Only (Market Days)
24273 (shown DMU) 10.15 Levski – Lovech Tue, Thu, Sat Only
24272 (shown DMU) 13.10 Trojan – Levski Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun Only (Market Days)
24274 (shown DMU) 14.06 Lovech – Levski Tue, Thu, Sat Only
Day 1a
Class 55 Gorna Orj
24220 05.20 Trojan – Levski
24223 13.45 Levski – Trojan
24224 16.30 Trojan – Levski
Day 2 Class 55 Gorna Orj
24202 06.30 Levski – Svishtov
24203 08.00 Svishtov – Levski
24204 10.30 Levski – Svishtov
24205 11.50 Svishtov – Levski
24212 13.50 Levski – Svishtov
24213 15.05 Svishtov – Levski
Day 3 Class 55 Gorna Orj
24206 16.32 Levski – Svishtov
24207 17.40 Svishtov – Levski
24225 19.22 Levski – Trojan
Desiro Vice Class 55 Gorna Orj (Varna outbased)
28220 09.05 Dobrich – Kardam June 2017 until ?
28206 10.30 Kardam – Dobrich
28205 15.52 Dobrich – Varna
28206 18.50 Varna – Dobrich
UNTIL DEC 2016: Class 55 Mezdra (Vidin outbased)
480 05.25 Vidin – Golenti  23p00 Sofia – Budapest. CFR 82 fwd to Craiova
481 23.00 Golenti – Vidin  07p10 Budapest – Sofia. CFR 82 from Craiova

There is an excellent station cafe at Svishtov serving hellfire creme caramel!

All gen posted in good faith & updates always appreciated – last update July 2018

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