BDZ 07s exported to Poland

Private operator “DEPOL” is based in Bydgoszcz, Poland and has a number of ex-BDZ 07s. All were exported in 2012 and after overhaul four have re-entered service with three still stored, possibly as spares donors. They are renumbered in a fairly nonsense fashion and carry a all over light blue livery. They are complimented by a few ex-DR 231s as well.

07016. Renumbered BR232-281 and in service

07046. Renumbered BR232-561 and in service

07055. Renumbered BR232-290 and in service

07060. Renumbered BR232-052 and in service

07080 – stored

07082 – stored

07090 – stored

I *think* it is safe to say the bodyside window arrangement can be used to tell the Bulgarian ones (four windows and a grill) and German (five windows and a grill) apart.

Gen checked with


Bulgarian 55s exported to Kosovo (Railtrans) to work Nickel traffic at Drenas. These are actually ex-industrial locos rather than former BDZ capital stock.

55230 now 2740 001

55231 now 2740 002

Posted May 23, 2017 by redcow87015

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