BDZ Class 46 Fleet

BDZ-PP & BDZ-TP Class 46 Locos.
Electroputere LE5100, 1986-1987. Co-Co, 6840hp

BDZ’s only class of Co-Co electrics these Romanian heavyweights were a class of 45 locos all originally allocated to Burgas for both heavy freights and crack expresses. These machines are very popular with the local cranks (find the skoda’s far more interesting myself!) and have been supplemented in the country by ex-CFR ones working at BZK.

Over the years a few modifications have seen three sub-classes created

  • 46/0 – original locos. All BDZ-TP and from 2016 some locos being refurbished by Electroputere
  • 46/1 – 1993 regeared for 160km/h running. The working ones now passed to BDZ-TP despite this!
  • 46/2 – Locos modernized by Koncar (Zagreb) from late 90s and now BDZ-PP for passenger duties. Overhaul program stopped due to financial issues leaving some locos in the lurch part-stripped. 46’2 shown as “stored” have worked in the last few years and are Koncar’d, those down as withdrawn I don’t believe re-entered traffic – but have generally been painted in the blue and yellow colours!

Today, Burgas is a Cargo depot so the passenger machines (all Koncar rebuilds) are based at Sofia and usually found on fast Plovdiv mainline trains, Burgas trains via Karlovo and on the Kulata route. As of 2017 a number of passenger services between Sofia and Burgas are accelerated to 150km/h and allocated to one of the few locos that are passed for this speed. 2018 saw the first locos sold off into private hands. BDZ Cargo use Karnobat yard as a storage facility for out of use locos, some long term demics have been taken away to Romania for overhaul and it seems to be others in more warm store at Karnobat than its previous use.

За българи ; “Operational” = оперира, “Stored” or “Withdrawn” = спря на депо, “Scrapped” = бракувани

Loco Depot Status Note
46001 Scrapped
46002 Burgas TP Operational
Sofia PP Withdrawn Dumped on Poduyane
46204 Sofia PP Withdrawn Dumped on Burgas
46205 Sofia PP Operational
46006 Burgas TP Withdrawn Stored
Stored at Karnobat. Sold to TBD 2018. At Express Services.
46007 Burgas TP Operational
46208 Sofia PP Operational 150 km/h
46009 Burgas TP TBD Withdrawn For Sale Stored TBD Bobov Dol
46010 Burgas TP Stored
46211 Sofia PP Operational 150km/h
46012 Burgas TP Stored (?) Stored at Karnobat out of traffic 09/17. Now reinstated 2018?
46013 Burgas TP Withdrawn Stored at Karnobat(?) quoted for overhaul
46014 Burgas TP Withdrawn For Sale Stored at Karnobat. Sold to TBD 2018?
46215 Sofia PP Withdrawn Stored at Burgas
46016 Burgas TP Withdrawn For Sale Stored at Karnobat. Sold to TBD 2018?
46217 Sofia PP Withdrawn Stored at Poduyane
46218 Sofia PP Withdrawn
46219 Sofia PP Operational
46020 Scrapped
46221 Burgas PP Operational
46022 Burgas TP Stored
46123 Sofia PP Stored
46124 Burgas TP Operational
46125 Burgas TP Operational
46026 Burgas TP Operational
46027 Burgas TP Stored
46028 Burgas TP Operational
46229 Sofia PP Operational  150 km/h
46030 Burgas TP Operational
46231 Sofia PP Operational
44032 Burgas TP Operational
44033 Burgas TP Operational
46234 Sofia PP Operational
46235 Sofia PP Operational  150 km/h
46036 Burgas TP Operational
46037 Burgas TP Operational 2017 Overhaul off Karnobat scrapline
46238 Sofia PP Stored
46039 Burgas TP Operational
46040 Burgas TP Operational 2020 ex-works off Karnobat scrapline
46041 Burgas TP Operational
46242 Sofia PP Stored
46243 Sofia PP Stored
46044 Burgas TP Operational
46045 Burgas TP Operational

BDZ Class 46 Locos.
Electroputere LE5100, 1986-1987. Co-Co, 6840hp

Page produced from observations and various sources including Bulgarian Wikipedia, Railfaneurope and local facebook groups to which thanks are due and no copyright abuse is intended.


The Karnobat stored six locos in 2013. To my amazement some of these locos are back on the road in 2017, including 46037 that here led a line holding 46006, 46013, 46014, 46016, 46040

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